3 Ideas for Hosting a Fundraising Baby Shower


Hosting a Memorable Baby Shower is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Would you like to host a memorable baby shower? Maybe the mom-to-be actually has every little thing they might already want and/or need for her baby and would like to give something back, maybe to a charity or cause, that is near and dear to her heart. How about hosting a fundraising baby shower soiree?

Knitted Baby Mobile, Source: Pexels

Knitted Baby Mobile, Source: Pexels

Throwing a baby shower ought to, at all times, be about helping the mom-to-be celebrate her brand new child that she’ll be bringing into the world shortly – it is about recognizing her exhausting work in being pregnant and the tiring work she’s yet to do as soon as the newborn baby arrives. Clearly, nearly all of the time the baby shower is a chance to bring presents for the brand new baby or items that the new mother and father might actually need, particularly for these parents who might not be financially well off. Nonetheless, some baby showers might be thrown for women when they already have at least one child during which case they might already have most, if not all, of the baby gear they need or could ever want. Or certainly the expectant mom might realize that they’re in a financial place to have the ability to buy what they need themselves, comfortably, or simply that they realize that they might have the chance to do some good for others at the same time. Regardless of the motive, here are some nice ideas for a fundraising baby shower.

Ideas for Hosting a Fundraising Baby shower

Maternity Pregnant Baby Belly Kiss from a Little Girl, Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

    1. Throw a baby shower tea party for charity. Many charities already use this technique of fundraising themselves. The concept being that on a particular date they ask folks to hold a tea party and ask friends to donate a small amount of cash to attend. If the baby shower was due to fall around one of these dates it may very well be tied in with the specific charity publicizing the occasion nationally. If not, nevertheless, you might perhaps ask the mom-to-be which charity she would most prefer to help. Make it clear in the invites that you’re asking for a donation to charity rather than for them to bring a present because the mom-to-be already has every thing they could want or need and that they might love to be able to give something to others while still having the ability to enjoy the company of their friends.
    2. Incorporate a raffle into the baby shower games. Some of the best known games are a sweepstakes where friends can guess details such as the date on which the newborn will probably be born, the baby’s weight at birth, whether or not it will likely be a boy or a girl and so on. It isn’t unusual for friends to pay a small amount such as one dollar to enter the sweepstakes. Usually that is referred to as the ‘diaper fund’ with the concept being that the cash is used by the new parents to purchase diapers for the newborn. However, it is also put to excellent use as a charity donation. One other game where this might work could be ‘guess the number of items in the jar’ where the friends would once more all donate a small amount to participate and have an opportunity at winning the jar of items, be they sweets, toys, LEGOS, marbles, etc.
    3. Give away the gifts brought to the baby shower to those less fortunate and in need of baby items like strollers, car seats, or less costly items like baby clothes or one of your favorite children’s books. For those financially well off moms-to-be or just those that already have what they want and need, donating the gifts to charity can be an excellent idea. After all, you would need to make this clear in the invites as friends could also be offended if their well -chosen present bought specifically for the mom-to-be’s new child was then given away. Nevertheless, if friends are instructed upfront that the expectant mother had all they could possibly want already that they might love to be able to give some essentials to new mothers and fathers who have next to nothing, most friends would be comfortable to oblige. The main focus right here would usually be on essentials needed similar to diapers, wipes, newborn clothes, blankets, bottles, teethers, baby gyms and playmats, bottle brushes, pacifiers, and so forth.

We hope these ideas inspire you to carefully craft the best of baby showers this world has ever known. There are many alternatives to a traditional baby shower and for those mothers-to-be, these ideas can be a great way to give to charity, to those less fortunate or to host a grand party with positive results and strengthened bonds with close friends. May your baby shower be the best one ever!

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