How To Prepare For A Camping Trip With A Baby

How To Prepare For A Camping Trip With A Baby

Camping with a baby? Are you crazy!?!

Tadej from Camping Valley shares his guest post with us today discussing how to properly prepare for a camping trip with a baby. He lends advice on picking the right tent, what to consider to bring with you to support the baby’s needs from toys to a playpen/pack-n-play and much more. From the moment you being planning to enjoying every moment of your camping trip Tadej shares the best ways to make memories that will last a lifetime with your family from the very earliest age of life. If you love the outdoors but recently had a baby join your family, you can still get out there in the outdoors with a baby and make lasting memories.

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How to prepare on a camping trip with a baby?

The time spent camping with the family is very precious as we are able to hang out and bond at the same time. Many families don’t know if it is a good idea to go camping with their baby or not. I will tell you it is possible if you prepare and organize.

In this article, you will find out how to prepare for a camping trip with a young one and what important things you should consider. Babies are small and can’t tell you what they need, so you are responsible to make sure their needs are met. Let’s dive in.

Preparation is the key

Preparation is the most crucial as it will determine how your camping trip will turn out. As I said before, babies need attention and more things than adults so read on to know what you need to bring on your adventure to have a pleasant trip.

A decent tent

A tent is the first piece camping equipment that you should think about when going outdoors. I will give you some tips on how to choose the right one regarding different factors. You have the option to choose a shelter appropriate for the season. When will you go camping?

If you tend to go in nature when it is warm then a 3-season tent should work. However, if you want to go camping in winter you should get a 4-season tent.

The next thing is a type of tent. You can choose between different kinds of shelters but I recommend to get a cabin camping tent since it will offer you enough space for all of you and provide comfort that you deserve.

Also, look at the other tent features such as tent poles, materials used to manufacture it, whether it is waterproof, its ventilation system and more. Ask yourself, which of the tent’s features you will need for the camping trip the most.

Baby’s clothes

You should take care of the baby’s primary needs; warmth, food, and attention. Taking enough clothes is vital, since the baby needs to be warm and dry at all times. Don’t forget to take a warm hat and gloves among other clothes since young ones lose heat fast. Bring extra warm clothes with you and also think of hot days.

Baby food

Food is one of the most important things to bring as well. Prepare baby food at home or buy it. Don’t forget to breastfeed if mom is still breastfeeding. I recommend you set aside time before the trip and make your young one’s food at home; your baby will love it.

Other things

There are things that your baby loves so think of what he or she likes to grab at and play with at home. Bring his favorable toy that will calm him down. Also, don’t forget to take plenty of diapers, wet wipes, baby powder, baby cream, a lovie or blanket, pacifier/binkie, and other things that you know he or she needs.

Today, we have plenty of baby products on the market that you can use for camping. You can take a baby sleeping bag which will make your baby warm enough in the tent when sleeping or resting. A portable baby chair and activity centers are the best since a youngster will be on site all the time.

Don’t forget to bring sunblock and an umbrella to provide additional shade for your baby. When you cab be occupied with the work of the campground, it is great to have a portable playground that packs quickly. Some come with a shade to protect a child from the strong sun. A playground or playpen is a safe option when you will be picking woods, preparing a campfire, washing clothes or cooking to keep the baby in a contained area where they can play with their toys safely and not wander/crawl off to explore while you’re not looking.

I am sure you won’t stay at the campground all the time. Pack your backpacks and go on a hike in the nearest wooded area. I recommend you to have a child carrier so your baby will be safe during exploring the surrounding area.

Relaxing camping trip with a baby

There you go; you have the most important information to spend a great camping trip adventure to make memories that last a lifetime. Your baby can’t tell you what he or she needs, but you are here to offer him or her the necessities. Consider the tips and equipment that I presented to you here today when considering your own camping trip in the future.

Think of what your child needs to stay calm and satisfied and take it with you, in addition to the things I recommend above. It is important that you take additional things in the summer and winter time when the weather is more extreme than usual.

You should have a decent tent so you can have a reliable shelter to rest, sleep and to move inside the tent when it rains or snows outside. I wish you and your family a pleasant trip.


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