Inside the Design of a New Child Care Centre

Inside the Design of a New Child Care Centre

Are you planning to start a childcare centre, or design one for your place of work? You may wonder about the layout and design for your business, or want to spruce up your environment with a fresh style for the kids. There has never been a better time to seek interior painting Melbourne-wide and with so many ways to rejuvenate your place of work, it’s time to get creative.

In a child care centre, you probably already have an idea of the toys and activities kids love, but sometimes the interior design and environment is an afterthought. You want to create an experience which is really memorable, not just for the kids, but for parents as well.

In Australia, child-care centres are growing in numbers and thriving. So, it’s a good time to get in on the action.

interior painting Melbourne wide will bring your child care

Better Quality, Better Design

Higher design standards in childcare centres came about from a review in the National Quality Framework (NQF). It is regulated by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority. Their focus is on the physical environment for children, setting a new standard in the design for childcare centres.
Design sets each business apart from one another, and there is also the opportunity to be unique.

You can take inspiration from these approaches in design:

Green Design

Not only should your playcentre host a fun environment where children can play, learn and explore, there is no reason it can’t have an environmentally sustainable design, and message. With this in mind, sustainable materials can be used to build playhouses and interior parts of the centre, with lots of natural light and fun, easy-to-learn information on green energy as an educational tool for children.

Modern Design

Modern, innovative designs incorporate a holistic experience for any child in terms of touch, see, hear, and generally encouraging active learning nd interaction. Remember, a child care centre can be designed and built to any spec, it’s simply a matter of what you want from your unique child care environment and offering.

Child Safe Interior Painting Melbourne Wide

Whether you’re decorating a brand new childcare interior painting melbourne centre or you simply want to add style to a tired old design, a new coat of paint or stylish pattern can engage the children and bring your business back to life.
Mathiou Services provides high quality interior painting Melbourne-wide and the friendly team is always happy to discuss a plan and quote with your budget in mind, before the work begins. They will help you design a great new centre, offering building and carpentry to interior painting to get your centre ready for business.
If time is short, the company also offers after-hours painting services to complete any job with minimal disruption to business. The qualified commercial painters are fast and reliable, both with interior painting and exterior work.

Visit Mathiou Services and find out more information on the commercial painting work and painting services available.

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