Mead as a Baby Shower Gift

Mead as a Baby Shower Gift

Thinking of mead Australia as a gift during baby showers? Yes, it’s possible. You can already start brewing at home your first batch in time for baby showers next year. The gift is of course intended to be served for the visitors as the expectant mom can’t drink alcoholic beverages. 

Let’s Get to Know Mead

Before we start talking about how mead can be a good gift during baby showers to be served to guests as the expecting mom can’t drink alcoholic beverages. Let’s talk about the history of mead and its process. Mead is made by fermenting honey with water and then adding some yeast to turn it into an alcoholic drink. 

Honey mead, or honey wine as we know it,  is also known to be full of health benefits as well as boost sexual desire and fertility. Actually, the term “honeymoon” came from mead as ancient brides and grooms were made to drink mead for a whole month.

Honey Mead as a gift

Baby Showers

Honey mead or wine can be incorporated into a baby showers party theme. It is quite normal to serve alcoholic drinks at baby showers and it is also popular. Gone are the days of old-fashioned living room parties with punch and sandwiches. It has become more lavish.

However, this is discretionary. The expecting mom should not feel pressured to serve alcoholic drinks if she doesn’t want to. It’s also an added cost to the event. But if it’s alright with her, it can either be wine or honey mead. Mead has a lot of health benefits and is usually lower in alcohol content. 

Baby showers should be festive and lively, not boring and dull. So wines like honey mead are perfect for the occasion!

How to Buy Good Mead in Australia?

Honey mead as an alcoholic beverage is fast surpassing wine and beer in terms of popularity. Its resurgence can be found around the world, mostly in the United States, Europe, and Australia. 

You don’t really need to go outside of your home to get a taste of a premium tasting honey mead. If you have a computer and an internet, you can browse and search online for  Honey Wines Australia. You can buy different honey mead flavours online by visiting their website here.

Honey Wines Australia has been in the business long enough to perfect the craft of producing some of the best and delicious-tasting honey wines there is! Honey Wines Australia is not only a beekeeper but also a mead maker. Our meadery is based in the Hunter Region of NSW and we offer door-step delivery anywhere in Australia. We are also wholesalers selling direct to the public online. Shop now!

What’s more, Honey Wines Australia has been brewing mead for over 10 years now and beekeeping for over 5 years. The honey used is raw untreated honey produced in the Hunter Region of New South Wales Australia.

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