Mommy & Me 9651B Babyboo Doll Pram, Pink

Mommy and Me 9651B Babyboo Doll Pram, PinkMommy and Me 9651B Babyboo Doll Pram, Pink 1Mommy and Me 9651B Babyboo Doll Pram, Pink 2

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Mommy & Me 9651B Babyboo Doll Pram With Swiveling Wheels, Adjustable Handle And Carriage Bag, Pink

Your princess will turn heads as she scrolls down the street with this masterpiece Babyboo Doll Pram.

Truly a deluxe pram, the Mommy & Me Babyboo Doll Pram, baby doll stroller is the perfect multi-functional item among your baby doll accessories for your child to take their baby doll anywhere. This baby toy is very versatile; simply adjust the handle both high and low, front or back, unzip or zip up the zipper to take the pram on or off, make the seat flat or sit it in a angle. These are only a few ways this pram doll carrier/doll stroller functions. The quality is superb and 100% safety-tested for American safety standards.

  • Recommended Ages 3+
  • Handle can be adjusted up to 27.5”H 13”W and 27”L
  • Handle can be moved so the dolls can face your child or face the outward
  • Fits up to a 18” doll, basket in the bottom
  • Opening and closing hood
  • Made of top quality materials, easy to assemble, fold & go.
  • Safety-tested
  • Lead-free

This baby toy makes the perfect baby shower gift idea for any mom-to-be to share with her daughter when she arrives.



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