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If you’re tossing around the thought of buying a baby bassinet or not, rest assured that it may be used longer than your baby’s first few months of life. As soon as a bassinet has served its function, it might have many different uses.

I’m definitely not suggesting that you put a 7 month-old baby into a baby bassinet. That is surely an accident waiting to happen because all bassinets include a weight restriction and developmental milestone limit. For example, a baby can roll over shouldn’t be in a bassinet since its structure just isn’t made to support an active and moving baby who could easily topple over a baby bassinet.

As an alternative, use your baby bassinet as a beautiful storage area for stuffed toys, dolls and different playthings when baby is not playing with those items. Plainly as our kids develop, they accumulate an increasing number of toys. Stashing them into a bassinet may help keep their toys from taking up any open space in your house.

A bassinet additionally might turn into a toy for your baby. My daughter likes to put her toy baby dolls into her own crib. Sure, your little one’s bassinet can grow to be a dolly or teddy bear’s bed.

A baby bassinet even can function as an accent piece of furniture. There are such attractive, handmade bassinets in stores and on the Web which I imagine would go magnificently with any front or family room décor.

Lastly, you possibly can re-gift your baby’s bassinet, maybe as a baby shower gift idea or perhaps just a gift to a friend with a newborn baby. However, in the event you or the recipient do not like that idea, maybe you possibly can flip the cradle into a gift basket and place presents inside. You could possibly have a nighttime/bedtime theme and include books, stuffed toys and blankets. Then, the recipient can use it however she wants, maybe repurposing it into a toy box, baby doll bassinet and even as a piece of accent furniture to personalize it for her little bundle of joy.


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