Newborn Photography Prop: Baby Girl Tutu Skirt/Headdress Set

Newborn Photography Prop: Baby Girl Tutu Skirt/Headdress Set

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Newborn Baby Girl Tutu Skirt/Headdress Set is Perfect For Newborn Baby Girl Pictures!

Capture the perfect once-in-a-lifetime pictures of your newborn baby with this baby girl tutu skirt/headdress set from Vermonllas.

This newborn baby photography prop is suitable for a baby girl between 1-6 months-old.

Attention: Color of the image may differ slightly from finished product.

  • Brand: Vemonllas.
  • Suitable for 1-6 months baby.
  • Bring out even more cuteness with this beautiful baby girl tutu skirt/headdress set.
  • Perfect prop for newborn photography session.
  • Vemonllas is a Register United States Trademark.



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