101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure [Blu-ray]

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Everyone’s favorite pups are back as Disney’s animated classic continues — now more exciting than ever for the first time on Blu-rya and Digital HD! Feisty little Patch feels almost invisible alongside Lucky, Rolly and the other puppies, so he cleverly figures out how to make his mark. Inspired by his TV hero, Patch bravely leads the charge when cold-hearted Cruella De Vil and spot-obsessed artist Lars plot to round up the entire Dalmatians in London. As Patch and Thunderbolt embark on a quest to save the dogs from Cruella, they discover their inner strengths and prove once and for all that Thunderbolt is a real-life hero and Patch is a true “One-Of-A-Kind Wonder Dog”! Bring your family together for the entire friendship, fun and thrilling adventure in 101 DALMATIANS II: PATCH’S LONDON ADVENTURE!|One of the most biggest challenges animators faced was once hand-drawing enough spots to cover the entire Dalmatians for a whole full-length film. “There are 99 puppies in the film, averaging a dozen spots every. That’s about 1,200 spots in every frame,” says co-creator, co-director Brian Smith. “Twenty-four frames per second — you do the math. I stopped counting at 10,000.”|To deal with the feel of the original “101 Dalmatians,” made by Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men, the animators created complex backgrounds that are “more or less line work over a painting. There’s a substantial amount of texture, and a sort of density to the layouts and backgrounds,” says co-creator, co-director Jim Kammerud.|British youth Bobby Lockwood makes his acting debut as the voice of Patch. The filmmakers cast Bobby after conducting an extensive search for the voice of their “lead puppy.”|Renowned techno group Apollo Four Forty wrote and performed the song “One Of A Kind” for the film.
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