Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat


Rear-facing for infants 5-40 lbs.
Forward-facing for toddlers 20-65 lbs.
SafeCell technology and integrated steel bars

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Designed with comfort and safety in mind, the Britax Boulevard G4.1 Convertible Car Seat features a bevy of safety features which will help come up with peace of mind. Made for rear-facing infants 5-50 lbs. and forward facing toddlers, who are no less than one-year-old, from 20-65 lbs. The included base features SafeCell technology which is designed to compress is a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the seat which is what typically propels a child towards the front seat. SafeCell technology could also be present in the carseat and helps to manage crash energy and forward head movement whilst keeping the chest clip properly installed. Integrated steel bars beef up the connection of the seat to the vehicle and reduces the forward flexing of your child in a crash. Energy-absorbing versa-tether features a staged-release whether webbing which slows the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching your child. It also features a two-point attachment which minimizes forward rotation whilst anchoring the top of the child seat. Made with energy-absorbing EPP foam to distribute crash forces, the true side affect protection offers a head restraint which creates an extra layer of EPP foam, keeping your child’s head, neck, and spine aligned. Deep side walls, also lined with EPP foam, shields your child from vehicle intrusion and contains the head, neck, and body. Easily buckle your child in the tangle-free, five-point harness which distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and also provides a protected fit. The quick-adjust harness repositions the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps whilst the EZ-buckle system and harness holders assists in keeping the harness straps out of the when whilst you’re placing your child in the carseat. It also has a two-buckle position for your growing child.
Rear-facing for infants 5-40 lbs.
Forward-facing for toddlers 20-65 lbs.
SafeCell technology and integrated steel bars
Premium lower LATCH connections
SafeCells compress in a crash
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