DecorSmart Plastic Growth Chart Ruler Wall Stickers, Large Plastic Ruler to Measure Children Growing

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· Bright and reflective surface, all of the pieces were shiny in the bright light. This sort of acrylic pieces are 2mm in thickness(as thick as dollar coins,) it features bright color, gloss surface, achieve high scratch and affect resistance. Which makes it look different than just a sticker stuck to your wall, the relief effect is more obvious.

· The item there is strong adhesion,it hold-up over time although you have very destructive kids who like to pick. And it not only applies to smooth surface, also applies to unenven, rough, textured surfaces. To tv wall, sofa wall, dining room, bedroom, living room, corridor etc.

Special Note:

· We set up a bright photography environment which makes the 3D effect more prominent, there may be a little difference under different lights.

· This item is cut into pieces in order to packaging and shipping, you wish to have to assemble and install it yourself.

· Correct measure depend on the size attribute, we chose the appropriate background to shoot for the specific size.

· We do our best to shoot the exact color, but a slight color difference can not be have shyed away from as a result of the display.

· In order to ensure more durable in use, the item uses the strong adhesive double-sided tape, please note that it may hurt your wall paint in the final you remove it. If you make a decision to remove it, we recommend that you cover it with wall paint instead of removing.
If you should remove it, dropping kerosene around the double-sided tape can remove part of its viscosity, which allows the wall stickers more easy to be removed, but because the kerosene can not permeate the double-sided tape and the contact surface of the wall, it’s going to leave part of residue after removal. This part of residue can continue to be removed by kerosene.
The item is composed of bright and reflective acrylic pieces, more realistic than vinyl wall decal.
Easy to apply – Fix the stencil then peel & stick, restore the original design.
Not only applies to smooth surface, also applies to unenven, rough, textured surfaces, and never fall off.
Assembled 19-inches wide by 80-inches tall.
Please note the product has a strong viscosity to ensure more durable, so it’s going to takes numerous effort in the final you remove it.
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