Wonder Pets!: Ollie’s Slumber Party

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Here’s Ollie! – Save The Hound Dog The Wonder Pets sign up for overactive Ollie the Bunny for a very silly sleepover. Then the team jives to Elvis-style music as they save a Hound Dog stuck in a jukebox. The Amazing Ollie! Help The Monster Ollie the Bunny can ma
Classroom pets Linny the guinea pig, Ming Ming the duck, and Tuck the turtle are experts in teamwork. Better referred to as the Wonder Pets, they spend most of their after-school hours helping animals that are in trouble. Whilst their “phone” can on a regular basis be counted on to ring with an alert of an animal crisis just as school ends, the Wonder Pets do receive the occasional social call. “Here’s Ollie!” brings a sleepover invitation from Ollie the bunny, and Whilst Ming Ming is not so sure she wants to go, Linny and Tuck quickly convince her to come along. Checking out their friend’s home underground is fun, but when Ollie can’t go to sleep, the gang has to use their problem solving skills to help him fall asleep. Saving animals is at all times a top priority for the Wonder Pets, and this compilation finds them working together to help a dog stuck in a jukebox, a magic bunny who can’t make himself reappear, a grumpy monster who can’t keep watch over her temper, and a firehouse Dalmatian who’s afraid to slide down the fire pole. The Wonder Pets even have to rescue one of their own when Ming Ming gets some dancing shoes stuck on her feet and can’t stop dancing. Every mission starts with the Wonder Pets leaving their cages through secret exits and the use of classroom items to assemble a fly boat, and each episode is infused with catchy songs in quite a lot of genres (a number of rock and jazz in this compilation), bright animation, adorable creatures, and a great message about the importance of teamwork. (Ages 1 to 6) –Tami Horiuchi
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