Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray: Can I Whiten My Child’s Teeth?

With the growing popularity of teeth whitening for a bright and confident smile, even children are getting carried away by the bandwagon. But this is because parents themselves are encouraging their kids to have their teeth whitened with various products, such as a teeth whitening mouth tray. Hence, the rising popularity of babies teeth whitening tray

teeth whitening mouth tray

However, there is a proper age for children to have teeth whitening. This is important as getting whitening without adequate guidance can result in the kid’s dental problems. 

Pediatric dentists have a recommended time for children to start teeth whitening. Dentists usually do not suggest whitening until all baby teeth have fallen out. 

Read on if you want to know more about teeth whitening for children.

When are kids ready for teeth whitening? 

There is actually no specific age for a child to use a teeth whitening mouth tray or get teeth whitening treatment in general. It all depends on the condition of the child’s teeth. 

Dentists would advise parents to have kids undergo teeth whitening procedure if all baby teeth have fallen out and the adult teeth have formed out. This is because permanent teeth respond well to teeth whitening gel and other whitening products, such as teeth whitening mouth guard. This usually happens at age 13 or 14. 

If you determine that your child is now ready and considered safe for teeth whitening after consulting a dentist, make sure to follow the instructions that come with your child’s teeth whitening mouth tray, teeth whitening gel, and other products – each product has specific instructions to follow. 

Teeth whitening products have hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredient and are the best for whitening your child’s teeth. When you use hydrogen peroxide on your kid’s teeth for about 30 minutes, it makes the teeth appear a few shades whiter. However, the bleaching products that you should use must contain low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide for your child’s safety.

at-home teeth whitening kit with teeth whitening mouth tray for kids

Who Should Do Your Child’s Teeth Whitening?

If you have chosen a dental professional to handle your child’s teeth whitening, be sure that the person must have the proper licenses, right portfolio, and certifications to do such a procedure on kids. The right dentists can also advise you on the safest procedure to undertake gum protection, cavity treatment, etc. 

However, if you choose to whiten your child’s teeth using at-home teeth whitening kits that are complete with teeth whitening gel and teeth whitening mouth trays Australia-wide approved, make sure to buy from a trusted brand and follow the instructions on the take-home teeth whitening kit.

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