Top 10 Must Have Items on Your Baby Registry

Top 10 Must Have Items on Your Baby Registry

10 Items That Are A Must For Any Baby Registry

Sam from The Best Backpack Diaper Bag joins us today for a guest post today discussing the top 10 must have items on your baby registry. This list is a great start for any baby registry. From the moment you walk into a baby store it can be very overwhelming. From cribs, to baby clothes, to baby higene items, there is so much to explore for a baby registry. We, at Baby Cures, recommend the Boppy Nursing Pillow among our top 10. After taking a look at Sam’s list below, what would you add? Where do you think Sam nails it? What items do/did you use that made life so much easier with baby? We would love to know.

Thanks for the great article, Sam.




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Top 10 Must Have Items on Your Baby Registry

Are you trying to figure out what to put on your baby registry? Do you know what items you really need? Well the items on this list for your baby registry are some of the goodies that you’ll really need for you and the baby. This list is filled with multi-purpose and functional baby items that will make your day to day routine with the baby much easier. After all, isn’t that what we are all after? Easier days?

  1. Portable Crib

A portable crib is one of the top products that will make life easier in the first few months of baby’s life. A portable crib is collapsable and enables you to move the crib around from room to room keeping the baby close to you at all times. The portable crib is fast to set-up. You can use the portable crib anywhere you go; even at family functions or on vacations. I especially prefer a rocking crib, as my babies all had a hard time falling asleep and it was easier for me to rock the crib rather than stand around for hours, rocking a baby in my arms.

  1. A Backpack Diaper Bag

A backpack diaper bag is one of the most essential items for your baby registry. This diaper backpack is a multi-functional backpack with a large capacity compartment for all the essentials that you ‘ll need for the baby. You can use the backpack diaper bag as a backpack or handbag, that’s highly suitable for traveling, shopping or going to the park with the baby. We love backpacks because when you bend over to pick up your baby from the ground, a shoulder bag tends to slip off and could potentially hurt your baby in the process. There are even some great masculine diaper bags for dads (maybe you should include something for him on the registry too hey)

  1. Baby Wipes Warmer

Since cold wipes can shock a baby’s soft and sensitive skin, a baby wipes warmer will keep your baby happier, especially during night-time diaper changes. With the wipes warmer, wipes will always stay warm and moist, with its clever heating design. The wipes warmer has a large capacity for holding lots of wipes. Newer baby wipes warmers on the market now have built in night lights which automatically shuts off in minutes after diaper changes have been completed.

  1. Baby Thermometer

A thermometer is highly reliable, accurate and consistent for checking your baby ‘s temperature. Most thermometers are multifunctional with a two in one ear and forehead thermometer that’s quick and easy to use. Thermometers generally come with a complimentary pouch and are FDA approved. High temperatures can be very dangerous for a new baby, so it is important to have a thermometer on hand to accurately check on baby ‘s temperature if they happen to get sick.

  1. Sound Machine

A sound machine is a great choice for having some static white noise around for baby. The sound machine blocks out unnecessary outside noise by filling the room with comfortable white-noise. The sound machine has signature sounds that are also customizable sound for an even more personalized sound atmosphere. The sound machine will allow the baby to sleep more peacefully at nap time or during the night. I tried a sound machine with my last baby and it helped her to stay asleep for longer durations!

  1. Baby Nasal Aspirator

This item comes in handy for clearing your baby’s stuffy nose. The nasal aspirator is a safe and effective way to clear your baby’s nose without causing discomfort to the baby. This baby nasal aspirator is hygienic with disposable filters, comfortable and non-invasive. You can find great quality nasal aspirators that are highly recommended and endorsed by pediatricians.

  1. Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to baby carriers. Choosing the option that provides you the most functionality is what’s best for your baby registry. An ergonomic baby carrier is a multi-position carrier that allows you to wear it on the front of you, on the hips or the back as the baby grows. These carriers are for 4 months up to 48 months and made of 100% cotton. The comfortable carrier has a padded waist belt and shoulder straps that’s comfortable to wear on all body types. The carrier has a large zipper pocket that can hold your necessities. It also has a sun shield hood that also serves as wind protection. Great for at home when you need to get on with your house duties, or for when you are out and about.

  1. Monitor Camera

This camera lets you monitor your baby when your out of the room and even out of the house, in your yard. The monitor camera can show you what’s going on in the room with your baby through a mobile app on your smartphone. The camera is great for quickly checking in on the baby when the baby sleeps and you have to do chores around the house.

  1. Glass Baby Bottle

If you worry about using plastic material bottles because you think they are unsafe for the baby, then a glass bottle it the best choice for you. The glass bottle is made of BPA-free and BPS-free materials. The glass bottle is designed with glass and a medical-grade silicone sleeve for durability and anti-slipping.

  1. Onesies/Bodysuits

Because your baby will rapidly grow, you can never have enough bodysuits or onesies. The onesie bodysuits are made of high quality 100% organic cotton and sold in either single or multiple packs. Onesies/bodysuits make a great baby registry gift as they are comfortable for the baby with a flat-lock seam for reducing chafing and rubbing, nickel-free snaps and a printed, tagless neck label for comfort.

There are literally thousands of products you can put on your baby registry, but we hope this list of top 10 must have items on your baby registry is a good start in getting what you need to love and care for your little one.


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