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Kids Friendly Room Renovation Tips For Parents

by Baby Cures
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If you have toddlers or if you are expecting a baby, getting a kids Room remodel on their room should be your top priority. It’s time to upgrade the home to make it baby-friendly and accessible. Here are a few Kids room renovations tips for new parents:

1. Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

A kitchen renovation is the first thing you want to do if you have or are expecting kids. You can start by installing booth seating. Your kid will enjoy playing in the booth, and you can store their toys and other supplies in the drawer under the booth. Open layout kitchen is the best option for those who have kids. An open kitchen will help you interact with and monitor the baby as you prepare meals for them. Also, an open layout kitchen will have a wider seating area that will be a plus for the family. Please note that kitchen renovation supplies can be expensive, so choose the appliances and cabinetry that are affordable and durable.

2. Install Build-In Cubicles and Lockers

Install lockers and cubbies in your child’s bedroom where they can store their belongings. Having personal storage space is important as it teaches your kids to be organized and responsible. Children have a habit of littering the interiors with endless clutter. If you want to avoid litter in your house, storage should be a top priority in your renovation list.

3. The Exteriors

Take a look at the space outside your house and analyze if it needs any renovation. For example, your kids might want to have a backyard pool and patio deck where they can play and have a great time relaxing, Moreover, the backyard pool is like an investment that will raise your home’s value by a significant margin.

4. Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is as important as a kitchen renovation. Having a safe, cozy bathroom is valuable for each family member. If you have a toddler at your home, or if you are expecting a baby, look for baby bathroom renovation tips on the internet. Small changes in your bathroom will also do the work. You might need to lower the shelves for your kids to reach the bathroom supplies, or you might want to change the flooring.

5. Better Lighting

Get better lighting for your house interiors and exteriors. Make sure the cords and sockets are far from your child’s reach.

6. Switch to Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are best as they prevent mildew, mould, or dust. They are easy to clean, and kids and safely play over them. Also, hardwood floors don’t have allergies because they aren’t made of chemicals.

Having kids make your home lively and full of energy. Home renovation can be confusing and expensive. Therefore, it’s better to take help from a professional home renovation company in your area. Curtis Construction provides the best home renovation, kitchen renovation, and bathroom renovations Caringbah services. Call us today to get your free quote.

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