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Printer Ink Safety and Kids

by Baby Cures
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Printer ink is very toxic and is unsafe for kids to be around. The use of ink in paper and other materials is a hazardous substance. The ink used in the manufacture of paper products is not just toxic to children but to animals as well. Papermaking companies make use of various dyes, heavy metals, and optical brighteners that are dangerous for kids.

Many parents are unaware that printer ink is extremely toxic and dangerous, but the truth is in the color. The ink found in most printers contains pigments that are made of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chromium. These metals cause major respiratory problems, kidney damage, behavioral disorders such as ADHD, and cancer.

Is Printer Ink Toxic?

These metals create an issue with recycling cartridges because they can leach out into the recycling process contaminating other products. In addition to this concern of recycling printer ink cartridges there is also a risk of it leaking from the cartridge into groundwater causing major environmental issues.

When purchasing printing supplies such as ink and toner, printer repairs centre have a wide range of high quality printing products that are best suited for family households that are non toxic and guarantee safety from toxic chemicals.

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