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Shayna Powell is a Chief Editor at for this guest post submission. She writes on the topic of child-proofing your kitchen appliances and kitchen safety for families with young children. From regularly inspecting electrical cords and installing and maintaining smoke detectors and keeping your kitchen appliances far back on kitchen counters, she covers many aspects of keeping your children safe when they are with you experiencing the joy of cooking in your home.

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Top 6 Tips For Child-Proofing Your Kitchen Appliances

Accidents around the home can easily be prevented. The kitchen is possibly the most dangerous room in the house for children but taking a few precautions and child-proofing your kitchen appliances as well as your home could well be the difference between an injury and safe living. It is now mandatory in most states of Australia to have quality smoke alarms installed and in other places around the world, it is common knowledge to have one installed in almost every room of the house, especially the kitchen. Placing the alarm in a central position of the kitchen will give peace of mind in the event of a fire outbreak while the room is empty. Though leaving any appliance unattended while it is on is not advisable under any circumstances.

Cords and plugs

Maintenance checks not only of your small appliances but also the cords and plugs should be carried out regularly when it comes to child-proofing your kitchen appliances. Check for any frayed cords and have them repaired or replace the unit. Overloaded power points can cause sparks so be sure to have adequate outlets that have been installed by a qualified electrician. Follow the operating instructions and unplug an appliance by the plug and not by pulling on the cord.

Out of reach and harms way

Child-proofing your kitchen appliances: Kitchen Aid appliance (child safety), Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Children are the most inquisitive with objects they can see. Keep all appliances well to the rear of the counter tops and store away in a cupboard when not in use when child-proofing your kitchen appliances. Dangling cords over the bench are an accident waiting to happen if there are small children in the house. Prevention only takes a few seconds which is all it takes for an injury.

Oven guards

It only takes a second for a child to trip, slip or fall against the hot surface of the oven door. Burns can happen in an instant. Oven guards are a must if you have toddlers when child-proofing your kitchen appliances. It is just not possible to keep them away from the kitchen if that is where everyone else in the family is, so again prevention makes sense.

Start education early

Start the education process early and be sure to let children know what can happen if they try to jag a piece of bread out of the toaster with a knife for example. Remind them of the dangers of a kitchen and set the rules for playing areas well away from ovens and home appliances. The earlier you start an awareness program the less chance of accidents occurring and you then are setting personal responsibility expectations with your children as part of child-proofing your kitchen appliances in your home.

Child-proof locks for stove and oven knobs

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Child-proof locks for stove and oven knobs as well as kitchen cupboards are easily purchased from hardware store and only take a few minutes to install making them well worth the effort and money when child-proofing your kitchen appliances and other areas of your home.

Sensible cooking techniques

Practicing sensible cooking techniques becomes second nature after a while. Cook on back burners whenever possible and turn handles in on cooktops. Keep flames on gas stove tops well under the edge of the pan and avoid high heat frying to prevent igniting oils.

While children love to help in the kitchen they should always be under the supervision of a responsible adult as a part of child-proofing your kitchen appliances. Make sure kitchen appliances and other kitchen tools are not in a position for a child to reach, for example, into the bowl of a hand mixer as it is running and if they have to stand on a chair to reach the bench, make sure it is stable and in a place where your child will be safely engaged with your cooking and baking yet out of reach of anything dangerous.

Statistics have shown the majority of accidents involving children occur in and around the home. Excellent preparation and practicing sensible cooking techniques to prevent electrical shorts and food fires on stove tops and in ovens will serve to make the kitchen a place of safety instead of a danger zone when child-proofing your kitchen appliances.


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