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How to Ensure a Family Friendly Living in Strata With Kids

by Baby Cures
Happy Kids in Strata

The strata council should ensure that they have an appropriate number of play spaces available for children to run around and have fun. The number of playgrounds are usually based on the population and population density.

In a family friendly environment, the strata body corporate should also have activities that would cater to different age groups. This allows parents to bring their whole family out together and not worry about leaving their children somewhere else while they play.

Given the increase in families with children within Australian Strata communities, safety becomes an even more important issue.

Kid Safe in strata

Child Safety in Strata

Building by-laws and rules can vary, so it’s important to do your research beforehand. There are some properties that are more child oriented than others so it’s good to find out what you need in advance.

Most strata schemes will have guidelines on supervising children when in common area spaces like the carpark, pool or garden.

One of the difficult issues that Australian strata schemes will increasingly face is balancing the interests of adults with children.

For communities with a high number of families:

  • Experience has shown that children will play everywhere. Every element of this site should be designed to withstand use by children. This includes things like safety, support, and maintenance.
  • It may be worth reviewing the bylaws on children playing common areas at your body corporate management to suit your particular needs. Strata schemes will vary depending on where you live, so make sure you find a scheme that best suits your community.
  • Your community association could encourage longer-term leases that provide residents with the extended tenure needed to make deeper connections with their neighbours.
  • To make sure we get the most out of the outdoor spaces our children play in, it’s important to pick landscape materials that will stand up to wear and tear.
  • Children should be given ample space for unfettered playtime. Trees and shrubs should be of sufficient size to withstand rough and tumble from the young ones.

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