Guest Post: 10 Tips For Raising Baby Boys

Raising Well Rounded And Behaved Boys As They Grow Up

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10 Tips For Raising Baby Boys

Boys are usually energetic. This is true even when they are still in their infancy and toddlerhood. During the early stages, it’s already important to raise them well so that they’ll become well rounded and behaved as they grow up. What’s the proper way of raising a baby boy? Here are 10 tips to help you do it.

Embrace The Energy

The first thing that you should remember is to just embrace your son’s energy. You must always expect that your son will be a big ball of energy. It can be tiring at times, sure. However, your effort will be rewarded by his happiness. Don’t dampen your son’s spirit.

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Talk To Him

Even if your baby is just a few months old, you can already start talking to him. You may not believe it, but he will understand you. He may not exactly know what you’re talking about. However, he will understand that there’s a connection forming between the two of you.

Don’t Let Him Feel Your Frustration

One of the biggest mistakes newbie parents make is to let their babies feel their frustration and anger. Having a baby is stressful, but you shouldn’t let him feel that angst. Babies are sensitive to vibrations, so you must make sure that he always feels at ease. Otherwise, he won’t be calm.

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Encourage Touch

One of the best ways a mother or father can communicate with their son is through touch. Touch is also the best way to comfort your son.

Don’t Use Too Much Fear

This is probably more applicable to toddlers from ages 1 to 2. When a baby is in that age, don’t instill fear just so you can discipline them and stop them from doing something naughty. It’s better to use logic. Explain the cause and effect of his actions calmly.

Let Him Play With A Lot of Toys

Play is the best way for a baby to learn. This is why it is important for you to let your son be exposed to many different kinds of toys. Educational toys include sorting cubes, legos, blocks, and coloring books.

Don’t Be Too Stereotypical With Clothing

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Parents are usually inclined to thinking that boys equate to blue and girls to pink. In order to get out of this stereotype, buy your son different colors of baby boy clothes online. You can buy gender neutral colors for their onesies or outfit sets like yellow or orange. A lot of these baby clothes can be found online. You can also buy your baby boy shoes,and kicks online as well.

Let Him Try Different Food

While a baby is still young, it’s good to let him try different kinds of foods so that he won’t be so fussy when he grows up. By different kinds of foods, however, we don’t mean junk foods. Always stick to those that give your son the nutrition he needs.

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Expose Him To The Outside World

When your baby is already old enough to go out, bring him out often. This will expose him to many different people and places. Meeting with other children will hone his social skills.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Love

Lastly, always show your love to your son. Lack of affection can affect his social and mental development negatively. Children suffering from attachment issues usually end up feeling isolated and insecure.


Always remember that responsible parents will produce responsible and happy kids. Give your child the love and attention that he deserves.


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