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Looking For A Baby Thrush Treatment? Treat Your Baby’s Thrush Using Baking Soda – Here’s How!

by Baby Cures

Welcome to the club of parenthood. Once upon a time you where responsible for only yourself, but suddenly you grew up and someone else depends on you for their everything. Wow! What a great responsibility that is…

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Except that you did not bargain for infections like thrush! Well, no bother, it is part of the package. What is done is done – what way forward? Answer; seeking a solution to your baby’s thrush issues.

Thrush occurs as a direct result of fungal infection; the name of the fungus responsible for this is known as Candidiasis or Candida. It affects both the old and the young even though it occurs more commonly in children and infants.

You can identify it from the way it looks; white patches which appear in your child’s mouth (the roof, the gums, and the tongue). These patches look like cottage cheese and can be painful which may cause your baby to refuse food.

This article will look at how you can use a common home ingredient to create a home remedy for thrush. By the end of this article, you would have discovered how to utilize baking soda as an uber-effective thrush treatment for your baby; let’s get on with it…

Step #1

Purchase a can of baking soda. This can be gotten from your local grocery store. Get some water and mix it with a measured quantity of the baking soda until the soda dissolves. Now you are ready to add the next item…

Step #2

After you get your water and baking soda mixture, you will need to add a drop of dish soap to it and mix thoroughly. Now we move to the application…

Step #3

You now have your solution and potential remedy concocted, therefore you are ready to apply it to the infected area. Before doing this, you should pour some of the mixture on a clean cloth.

Use the cloth to wipe the insides of your baby’s mouth. Ensure that you rub the affected areas including the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Next, discover how long this needs to go on…

Step #4

Until you notice the complete receding of the thrush, you want to ensure that you continue the above process daily for four to six times. The question now is; what if you do not have baking soda?…

Step #5

Vinegar can be used as a substitute for baking soda. Yeast cannot survive once you successfully alter the acidic levels in the mouth and either ingredient (the baking soda or vinegar) can achieve this.

Anything else worthy of note?…

Step #6

Yep there is; after each feeding ensure that you treat your nipples with the same baking soda solution using a cotton swab. This will help both in deterring a resurgence of the infection to your child’s mouth and an occurrence of the same on your nipple.

This article was originally published by Ty Lamai.

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