Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions: An Excellent Baby Shower Gift Idea

Rockabye Baby! Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions

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Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions? What? Is This Real? You Bet.

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of The Dave Matthews Band. From Crush and Crash to Where are you going and Ants Marching. This Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions streaming music, MP3 or CD option of all of your Dave Matthews Band favorites has it all for you and your kids to enjoy.

It’s Perfect For Nap Time Too.

Not only can you listen to these great songs to soothe your baby, you can also use it for helping your baby get to sleep.

What Songs Do I Get?

There are 12 songs in the Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions collection that include:

  • The Space Between
  • Crash into Me
  • Satellite
  • American Baby
  • Don’t Drink The Water
  • Ants Marching
  • Stay (Wasting Time)
  • So Much to Say
  • Where Are You Going
  • Crush
  • Grace Is Gone
  • You And Me

You already love the songs in this great title, why not get your kids to enjoy a little DMB with you as well? Now you can reminisce about great times you have had while listening to these great songs found on this amazing Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions collection.

Besides The Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions, We Have Other Lullaby Renditions From Other Artists Too!

In our Music for Babies category, we have lullaby renditions from Sublime, Star Wars, Guns n’ Roses, Journey, Hamilton the musical, popular songs of the 80’s, and may more! We have you covered. The days of listening to “I love you. You love me.” by Barney and Friends on repeat are a thing of the past. Rock out while putting your baby to bed with the Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions collection and many other popular favorites of our generation.

Pick up Your Copy of Dave Matthews Band Lullaby Renditions Today!



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