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DIY Ideas for how to Personalize Your Baby Room

by Baby Cures
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Sam from The Best Vinyl Cutters contributes her guest post today by offering DIY ideas to personalize your baby room. From embroidering your baby towels to building your own DIY baby mobile, she offers some great ideas on how to make your baby’s nursery your own unique haven for your newborn baby.

DIY Ideas for how to Personalize Your Baby Room

One of the biggest and most fun things to do before your baby finally arrives is decorating your baby’s room. While this should be an enjoyable activity, it can also cause some stress. And the biggest cause of stress when designing a new room, is the cost of all the decorations. Worry no more!

This list of DIY decoration ideas shows that your new room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little creativity, and our helpful tips, you will be able to design and decorate personalized items for your new nursery with ease.

The best way to tackle your first vacation with a baby is to simply be prepared. Many parents get pretty stressed out about the first trip, simply because they don’t know what to expect, or maybe they don’t know which essentials to pack. The tips below are the tips that will help you tackle your first vacation with your baby.

Embroidered Linen, Towels and Pillows

If you, or someone you know owns an embroidery sewing machine, then this can be a fantastic way to create cute and colorful designs on pillows, towels, sheets and blankets. If you don’t already own an embroidery machine, you may want to consider getting one, as it is something that will come in very handy while having a child at home.

DIY Mobile

Every nursery needs a baby mobile. These help children to calm down. They enjoy focusing on the spinning, and even though it might not look like it is doing much, it helps your baby’s brain and eyes get stronger.

Using a die cutting machine you can cut out any kinds of designs you want onto cardboard or felt. Perhaps you and your husband each have a favorite different animal, a really cute idea would be for you to use a die cutting machine to cut out designs of each of those animals and place them on a mobile together! We love our Cricut die cutting machine.

Yarn Wrapped Letters

Typically, by the time parents start to decorate a nursery, the name of your baby has already been picked out. A great way to celebrate the choosing of your baby’s name and to make some personalized decorations, is to create yarn wrapped letters.

This simple DIY project entails buying (or cutting) letters out of wood, typically your child’s initials (although you can do the whole name!) and then wrapping them in yarn. You can use multiple colors, or simply stick to just one. Choice is yours.

Tip: Make sure the yarn is secured to it with some hot glue. For an added touch, you can also add some plastic flowers or small wooden animals.

Personalized Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are a perfect way to add a bit of personal touch as well. This can be easily done by removing the outlet, putting on a layer of decoupage, followed by a design of your choice on paper. Add one additional coat of decoupage, and let it dry. Then just cut out the holes for the light switch and screws, and place them back on the wall.

Story Book Prints

One of the best ways for a parent to bond with their child is by reading them some of their favorite bedtime stories. This fun DIY decoration idea allows you to make some very meaningful art for your baby. Simply cut pages from a book (or photocopy them) and put them in some inexpensive baby frames which can be purchased at your local dollar store. For an added touch, paint the frames to go with the colors of your nursery.

There are literally gazillions ideas for creating your own DIY touches for your new nursery. All you have to do is to put on your creative pants on and have a great time! The question is, which of the above ideas are you going to try first?

About the Guest Post Author

Sam is obsessed with scrapbooking and vinyl cutting. She loves scouting out the newest and latest vinyl cutters and giving them a test out in her craft room at home. She has built a career on her passion of crafting and on a typical day you will find her lost in papers, embellishments, die cuts and vinyl designs. Read more about Sam’s site; The Best Vinyl Cutters, where she shares her craft knowledge.

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