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4 Reasons Why You Should Agree on Children Issues before

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While most divorce cases are ugly, they cannot hold a candle on a bad custody hearing. More than property and anything else a couple could be fighting about, children tend to touch a special nerve. There are many questions that come up when dealing with child custody. Who gets physical custody of the small kids? How much child support will the non-custodial parent give to the custodial parent? How much access does the non-custodial parent have over their kids? Who is responsible for the other needs of the kids such as healthcare, education and extra-curriculum activities?   

While these are emotionally and financially straining questions, they have to be dealt with the easy way or the hard way. Unfortunately, most parents are still dealing with a lot of anger and hatred towards each other so they end up letting the courts decide on all those issues regarding their children. However, any family lawyer will advise you that it’s better to put your anger aside and agree on these matters before the court hearing.   

This is why; it’s expensive. The process of going to court over your kids is not cheap. There is the court fee and family lawyers Brighton sa are not cheap either. You will spend quite a penny on legal fee just to have someone else make decisions for you. Additionally, the court can decide that the non-custodial parent gives more child support that they are willing or able to. The court looks at safeguarding the welfare of the children and disregards most of what the parents consider fair.

The children will be dragged through the mud. When a judge wants to establish the best interest of the children, sometimes they are called in to speak about their parents. Even if they don’t go to court, an attorney will be appointed to mediate between the kids and the parents and this causes them to take sides and relive the pain. Dragging the children through the emotional turmoil of a divorce and then custody is traumatizing to them.

The results will be unsatisfying for both parties. Most of the time, the judge’s ruling will be his own opinion of what he has established to be in the best interest of the children. In most cases, the ruling will be unfair to either one or both of you. In some instances, the ruling is not in the best interest of the children because they can be given what they did not want.

The judge’s decision is final. When you agree on something, you can change it anytime you want as long as both of you agree. However, what the judge decides has to be followed even if you don’t like it and it’s not subject to change for your convenience. You have to go back to court through a family lawyer Adelaide and show that the changes you want are viable. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself having to fight for custody of your children, it is best to come into an agreement with your ex-partner. The emotional and financial cost of going through the court process is too high and only makes things worse

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