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Tips on How to Tackle Your First Vacation with Your Baby

by Baby Cures
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Do You Want To Go On A Trip For Vacation, But You Also Have Young Children? We Have You Covered.

Jolene and Andrzej are the duo behind Wanderlust Storytellers and today they bring us valuable tips on how to tackle your first vacation with your baby. From booking your flights, to footwear and what kind of diaper bag you should choose, they offer valuable insight as seasoned veterans who have spent time traveling with their babies both within the United States and abroad.

I wish I knew some of these tips when my own children were young. I often thought traveling with a baby meant an entourage of gear from a pack ‘n’ play to bottles, the bottle cleaning supplies to a night light, burp cloths to the diaper bag, a baby stroller, a car seat, several changes of clothes for each day and beyond. Some of these tips are great time and space savers. Their sage advice comes just in time for the warm weather and many opportunities to travel with your baby over the coming summer months. Thanks for the great guest post Jolene and Andrzej.

Tips on How to Tackle Your First Vacation with Your Baby

Parenting is hard, super rewarding, but challenging. Often new parents, like Chad Otar, will feel like they are ‘stuck’ at home, constantly trying to feed baby or rock baby to sleep. I bet there will be days when they would give anything to be outdoors, on vacation, lying on a beach under a palm tree instead. So why not make this dream a reality?

If you have thought traveling with a baby was hard to do, it’s not. Traveling with a baby is an easy feat as babies are highly resilient to traveling. Traveling with your baby can be a lot of fun and some of the most precious memories will come from your first vacation with them.

The best way to tackle your first vacation with a baby is to simply be prepared. Many parents get pretty stressed out about the first trip, simply because they don’t know what to expect, or maybe they don’t know which essentials to pack. The tips below are the tips that will help you tackle your first vacation with your baby.

Book Your Flight Early For Better Seats

Booking your flight early is advantageous as you can request to be placed in the parent seats by the baby bassinet. You will find that some airlines won’t allow you to pre-book these, but often they will pop in a request on your behalf so that you get priority. These seats are wonderful as you will have more legroom where you can pop the baby bag. You will also be able to move around much easier. But the best thing is that no one can recline their seat onto you and your baby.

Baby Carriers Are Great Alternatives To Strollers

Wanderlust Storytellers

Because you might want more freedom to do more activities, bringing a baby carrier is highly beneficial on your first vacation with the baby. You might want to go and see certain attractions where the space may be a bit too limited for even a stroller. Some destinations have way too many stairs (and no lifts) whilst others have wobbly cobblestone roads. Baby-wearing is brilliant as your baby can simply pop away to sleep as you walk. We also prefer using our carrier in the airport so that we have both hands free to deal with suitcases, customs and handing over of passports and tickets. We never leave home without our carrier.

Bring Flat Shoes For Much Needed Comfort

Taking comfortable shoes on your vacation with your baby is crucial for doing a lot of walking. Although a lot of women like high heels because they are stylish, flats are most practical for doing a lot of walking on vacation, especially with carrying a baby. Flat shoes will keep you comfortable, give you better balance and less strain on your back while carry the baby around. You can find our favorite flat shoes for travel here.

Bring A Backpack Diaper Bag

Backpack diaper bags are very popular for traveling as they are highly functional and very stylish. Using a diaper backpack allows you to carry all your baby’s essential items that they need throughout the day.

A diaper backpack is advantageous for giving you the convenience of being hands-free and able to use both of your hands at any given time. Diaper backpacks boast a spacious and comfortable design allowing you spacious compartments for carrying baby care items. Also, you’ll likely have space for personal items of your own for mobile devices, a wallet, keys and important travel documents. Click here to see a list of the great backpack diaper bags for travel.

  1. Bring The Baby Monitor On Vacation

When on vacation with your baby, it is best to bring your baby monitor with you. The baby monitor will allow you more freedom to travel between rooms without being confined to one room with the baby. You can monitor the baby from different rooms while they sleep. You can even enjoy doing activities in the rooms nearby while paying close attention to your baby.

  1. Add 30 Min To Each Section Of Your Travel Itinerary

Taking a baby on vacation certainly adds extra time to your daily routine. To keep from feeling pressed for time, you should add 30 minutes onto every part of your travel itinerary, so you feel less overwhelmed and adequately timed in your daily routine to feed change diapers and freshen up the baby, when needed. With 30 minutes added to your itinerary you might be able to even take a cat nap with the baby to refresh for the rest of your day.

Whilst there are many good reasons as to why you should travel with your baby, my favorite reason is simply to make the hard stage of parenting more fun. If you are going to be stuck in one place feeding your new baby around the clock, changing diapers and rocking to them to sleep, why not choose to do it in a beautiful location? I much prefer sitting under a palm tree whilst breastfeeding my baby, rather than on my couch. Wouldn’t you!?

About the Guest Post Author

Jolene and Andrzej are living their dream. The duo is behind Wanderlust Storytellers, their widely successful family travel blog. They love sharing their passion for travel with people all around the globe. The couple say that they have found their purpose in life: “the question and the never-ending search for what we are here for or what we are meant to do with our lives was answered when we created our family travel blog.”

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