Is it safe to use e-cigarettes around my baby?

We might think that e-cigarettes and Juul pods are safe and usable all the time. That’s true to a certain extent but usually, we get the advice to try not to use them around our babies. 

The problem with disposable e cig and e-cigarettes is that there is no proof of them being safe yet and basically you don’t know what we are breathing. 

One thing we do know is that the vapour from a Juul pod or an e-cigarette is way less harmful (compared to the normal cigarettes) to us, to the people surrounding us and most importantly our babies. 

When it comes to regular cigarettes, they really are packed with nicotine and around 4000 other toxins. 

There are still a few things you have to keep in mind when using Juul pods and e-cigarettes around your baby. Remember when using an e-cigarette you have to be outside. Also to wash your hands after using one and brush and clean your teeth before you eat or before you pick up your baby or feed him. 

We said earlier that e-cigarettes and Juul pods have no proof of being safe because there is no evidence and proof on what do they contain. There has been a lot of research done, which found out about the false labelling and the quality of these products. Some of the things they found out were: 

In some of the e-cigarette and Jull pod liquid and smoke, were found chemicals that are causing cancer. 

False labelling which stated no nicotine content or very low nicotine content. 

Uwell caliburn disposable pods

There was a difference in the nicotine amount meaning you might be breathing more or less than you think.  Regular
caliburn disposable pods might be a more satisfying when trying to kill your cigarette addiction but there still might be some hidden signs you should be aware of. When it comes to trying something new things that are in direct correlation to your health you should always seek advice from your family doctor. They will support whatever problem you might be having and will probably recommend a treatment which will be more beneficial than using e-cigarettes or Juul pods in order to quit smoking forever. This treatment contains medicaments which have nothing to do with vape or smoke that could harm your baby. You will have to do more research on that therapy but essentially you’ll be taking some medicines with nicotine which are a way better option when it comes to the health of your baby.

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