How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from children


A Smartphone is such an expensive gadget that most of us save for a while just to get our hands on these luxurious handsets. However, tell that to anyone else but your kids.  

Our little, adorable ones are known for their inquisitiveness, which though is great for their development, could prove disastrous to your coveted gadget. So as a parent, just how do you keep your Smartphone safe from your children? Read on to find out how.   

Top Ways To Keep Your Smartphone Safe From Children 

Set Screen Lock –

An unlocked phone is a disaster waiting to happen. Your kids can get hold of the phone and accidentally dial a number, or send out junk paid text messages. These can cost you a lot of money. Even worse, they could accidentally sign you up for a subscription. So, you will find yourself mysteriously losing money. Thankfully, you can prevent all these from happening by activating the screen lock. Head on to the Security and Location settings app and take it up from there.  

Add A Screen Protector To Your Smartphone –

Of all the phone repairs Sydney, screen repairs remain one of the most common Smartphone repairs, and some of the most expensive ones too. Depending on the phone model, an average screen repair or replacement can set you back upwards of $300, and that’s before factoring in incidental repairs such as LCD. One great solution to this problem is to have a screen protector around your phone. The screen protector will absorb much of the shock when your kid happens to accidentally drop the phone on the floor.  

Avoid Placing Your Phone Near Water –

Most Smartphones are designed with water-resistance features. However, that does not mean you should carelessly leave it exposed around water. For instance, avoid leaving your phones around the swimming pool, or near a bath tub. Kids have a way of throwing into the water anything they can get their hands on, and they will not hesitate to chuck your expensive gadget into a nearby water pool.

Avoid Using Smartphones Near Your Kids –

Kids are very inquisitive. If you rarely use your Smartphone around them, they will want to carefully investigate it when they come across it. They will not readily play with your Smartphone, but will most likely handle it gently as they try to familiarize with the mysterious gadget. But if you occasionally use your Smartphone around your kids, they will think of it as some toy that can be smashed on the floor.   

What If Your Smartphone Gets Damaged? 

When it comes to kids, you can never be too careful. So at some point in time, your Smartphone could still get damaged. This is where you would need the services of a reputable shop to get your iphone fixed in Sydney. But how do you locate a Sydney Smartphone repair shop that offers quick and professional repair services at fairly affordable rates?  If you are looking for quick mobile phone repairs, look no further than OZ Phone Repairs work with only professional technicians with years of experience in the phone repair niche. Not only are these technicians attentive to detail, but they will also ensure the repair process is completed within the least expense of your time and money. You can contact them on phone at 0423 732 494 or head onto their website and read more on their amazing offers

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