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Don’t Miss A Moment: Maternity, Child, Newborn and Baby Photography

by Baby Cures
Mothers love photography

Maternity, child, newborn and baby photography as well as toddler photos is the most pleasing topics for me to write about. There’s a calmness, an ease, and a never ending stream of ideas when taking maternity pictures, infant, newborn and baby pictures. When it comes to maternity, child, toddler, newborn and baby photography, there are many things to consider and we recommend hiring a professional photographer for many of these occasions because even though an everyday situation may seem mundane now, you can find yourself, years from now, looking back fondly at pictures of your child’s single toothed spaghetti sauce covered face or your baby’s drool covered chin from teething as a moment to behold that simply can take your breath away. Capturing the emotion of the moment, your memories flooding your senses and coming back to you as vivid as any waking moment, your life should be as important as living through the moment itself.

Belly Kiss from a Little Girl

Maternity photos are so fascinating! It amazes me how many ladies cringe at the concept of a maternity photo shoot. They actually cringe! Why? Our our bodies are miraculously built in a manner that permits us to bring life into the world. We are able to carry a child within us as they develop and grow to the point that may safely survive on the earth. Cringe? NO! Rejoice! Celebrate this moment is your life! Is your body the same as it was before giving birth? Of course not! However, in no way is your body unattractive! It is a beautiful time in your life, and regardless of how you’re most likely feeling this very second, this will likely be over before you know it! Your body will return, largely, to the way in which it was earlier, and you will forget how strongly you might really feel that teeny,tiny, little GIANT in your belly!! You may forget how uncomfortable you had been at night time, and the way you could not make it from one commercial break to the next without having to visit the bathroom. This moment! It’s such a short period of time in your life, and shall be over before you know it! Commemorate and memorialize the way you look. If you’re uncomfortable with stretch marks, so what! They can be Photoshopped! When you’re having insecurities about your body, face them head on because I can promise you day will come where you’ll lay in bed in the evening and try as hard as you can to relive these moments via a day dream! This moment is a fleeting second in your life, and the beginning to a wonderful, lifelong relationship with probably the most special human being you’ll ever meet! Maternity pictures shouldn’t be for amateurs! You should want a professional who is aware of visual distortion. You need somebody who knows what an mm lens to use for this, so that you do not get an image back that makes your belly look 3 times larger than it truly is, and like it is three-dimensionally popping right out of the photo. That is something that requires a trained eye, and a sensitive vision! You need to look back at these maternity photos with fondness!

Newborn and baby photography is so vital because that’s the most rapidly fleeing stage. On average, you’ve got about two weeks from their arrival to capture the beauty, magnificence and wonder of a newborn when it comes to newborn and baby photography. Sure, you may take these photos on your own. You may point the camera at them, get the angle the way you want it, and shoot. Heck, you may even just whip out your iPhone and catch it on that device. However, once you hire an expert who’s educated in photography and experienced, your newborn baby photos will reach another level and you will definitely see it. You’ll be amazed at how the completely different approach of an expert will “see” the subject. They’re able to capture pictures that show texture, create feeling, and convey a breathtaking emotion that is indescribable… These photos will interact with the senses. It will take you back to the moment and you will truly have the ability to remember the way in which your baby smells. You will remember the coo noise or the facial expression vividly as if you just lived that moment. It is an incredible thing to see how an accurately exposed, correctly framed image will change the outcome and overall rendering of the picture.

Baby and mom

Beyond the newborn stage, baby photos are very important due to the milestones. You don’t measure the age of a young baby in years because a monumental amount of milestones change by month. Each of these milestones are picture worthy moments! Baby pictures are every bit as important as the baby book. In the baby book you document the age your baby is at as they reach their milestones, however the way in which they look at this stage seems to vary weekly, if not daily. The first 12 months of a baby’s life is extremely action packed, and, with an expert photographer, you’ll be able to create a visible baby book that may immortalize the way in which your baby looked once they first learned to roll over, scoot across the ground, crawl, walk, the way they might not have had another droplet of drool on their face when they were teething, the face they make after they try a brand new food (like a lemon or orange) for the first time, their first steps, the first time they begin wanting to brush their own teeth, do the “butt scoot” down the stairs, attempt to escape from their crib, the list goes on and on!!! You can create a wide range of creative ways to show these memories. Your photographer, a professional, can create a multi frame display of those milestone moments, or create a milestone album that can be used in place of or with a baby book, and many others moments. These moments are priceless, and with an expert photographer you can cherish these

moments for a lifetime.

Unconditional love of the mother

Pictures of children pictures are exciting to capture because of the element of surprise! You just never know what you’re going to get! Every little one is unique. Whether or not your little one is shy or outgoing, athletic or intellectually engaged, or any combination imaginable, each little one needs the same thing: to really feel loved and to have a great time and have fun. These things provide each little one security. Youngsters need to really feel safe before they are going to react well to an intimidatingly large camera in their face. A good photographer will get down on their level and have a normal conversation with them. Kids are incredibly smart, and have keen perception when determining if someone is being genuine and honest with them. These actions typically will boost the outcome of the photograph shoot. If a toddler’s hobby is to race boats in the nearby pond, why would you take him/her to the playground 20 minutes up the road to get photos of them on the monkey bars and posed in front of the fountain? It is unnecessary! The purpose behind an expert photograph shoot is to capture the essence of who your baby is at this particular stage of their life! In case your little one is excited about music, have them photographed learning to play an instrument, if they’re athletic, have them get into their uniform and take pictures of them taking part in the sport of their choosing, if they’re creative and messy, then getting messy and creating is what you need to do and as a bonus, you get some new artwork! Try not to do the usual type of pictures and pose a child in front of some beautiful background.Don’t go for the cookie cutter, same shoot as the last choice. Your little one is special. Your little one is unique. Your little one is YOURS! Remember the things that makes your youngster uniquely yours! Remember this phase of their life! Is that musical instrument that they’re tinkering with now going to lead to something big? Could they grow up to be a well-known musician? Sure! And, when you’ve got an expert photographer you will have photos with the power to take you back in time, if just for a moment!

Maternity, child, newborn and baby photography should not be overlooked as a luxury. These are the moments of your life, your memories, your way of looking back at your baby. That being that came from your body. That special miracle that gives us, as parents, new purpose, to live for someone beyond ourselves. That moment in your life can quickly fade to a memory where you wonder where has the time gone. As a father of 3, I can assuredly attest that photography is so very important that you may forget to pull out the camera day-to-day. My youngest is already 3 and a half and it feels like yesterday that she was just born. The days are only tumbling faster and faster and blending together more and more as time marches on. I have heard it said amongst some friends in my social circles, with kids, “The days are long but the years are short.” This can’t be more true than the law of gravity. Everyday when Facebook shows me my memories, I ask myself, “How was this two years ago?” or “That was just the other day, how can that be?” when it was a year ago. Time goes by fast, and in the words of the character, Ferris Bueller, “if you don’t stop and look around, you could miss it.” True, Mr. Bueller, true.

Is someone you know having a baby soon? Newborn and baby photography makes for a great baby shower gift. Please consider scheduling a newborn and baby photographer for a friend or family member. I am sure they will be very thankful.

What do you think? Did you choose to spend on maternity, child, or newborn and baby photography? Are you glad you had? Those of you who missed the opportunity, do you wish you had? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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