Travelling with a baby – six tips to make it stress-free

A trip abroad is a brilliant way to bond with your baby – think of all the new sights, sounds, and sensations you’ll experience together. Making memories and friends along the way, many parents are booking bassinet seats and jet-setting with their little ones. If you’re thinking of travelling with your baby, a bit of planning and some investment in the right gear will go a long way to making your travels successful, not stressful.

Here are six tips for travelling abroad with a baby:

1. Keep luggage light

No matter the type of holiday, the less you carry, the better. Opt for lightweight clothing, decant your toiletries into travel-sized bottles, and pack it all in lightweight luggage. Spend some time browsing the best travel backpacks, made from lightweight and often waterproof materials. There are specially designed travel backpacks for women as well as bags for men, so find the best fit for you. 

2. Carry what you can

Ditch the stroller or pram and carry your baby and your gear on your person. You’ll find it easier to be on the move, and a good backpack provides in-built compartments to keep your belongings organized. Your baby will enjoy more contact time with you and feel less anxious about the new places and routines you’re exploring from a snug carrier. 

3. Select your necessities smartly

Make sure to pack the medications and any individual items your baby may require from home, but you can leave extra supplies of standard items like diapers and wipes behind. These are easy to find in most destinations, so you only need to carry a small amount with you. 

4. Keep documentation close

It is always a good idea to keep your passports, some cash, and permits in a specific pouch, on your person. A hidden slot in your backpack is a perfect, secure spot for paperwork. It is also possible to get anti-thief backpacks that have hidden pick-pocket-proof zips. If you’re going to be using public transport or moving around a busy city, the added security will be appreciated. 

5. Carry a camera

Nobody wants to spend their whole holiday behind a screen, but make sure to capture special moments with your littlest travel companion. A waterproof camera backpack is a sturdy investment if you’ll be taking anything more than your smartphone along. 

6. Distribute the weight

If you’re travelling with a partner, give the one not carrying the baby the bulk of your daily supplies. Each should carry a clean diaper and some emergency snacks in case you get split up, but it isn’t necessary to keep baby and bulk together at all times. Your shoulders, hips and feet will appreciate it at the end of the day. 

If you’ve got the above covered, you’re ready to gather your little ones and start scanning for good travel deals. A world of memories and special moments await, not to mention some unforgettably cute snaps of you with your little one.

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