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Winning Eco-Parenting with Junior Tribe Co Nappies

by Baby Cures
Cloth Nappies Australia

Not all people have the time or the resources to spend on cloth nappies. To make it more convenient for everyone, Junior Tribe Co., a Sydney-based company, has come up with a solution.

The founder, Kylie Carter, is known for her love of fashion and design skills which she put into her business idea.

Hand Made Diapers

Their cloth diapers are hand-made in Byron Bay, Australia, and were originally sewn by hand. These days they’re made responsibly overseas. From sketch to sewing, the story of a new cloth diaper starts here. The team works carefully to create products that bring families closer together. And they take pride in tailoring them uniquely for each baby.

They offer an online store where you can buy everything you need for cloth nappy use. All their products are eco-friendly and sustainable as well as high quality. The store offers advice on how to use their products and even provides free shipping worldwide.

Cloth Nappies Styles

The styles of cloth nappies in Australia are extensive with many factors to consider. The amount of absorbency, the fabric type, the cut and shape, and the price are just a few things to think about when buying cloth nappies.

Washable Cloth Nappies

Most nappies are made from plastic and this is a reason why Junior Tribe Co created their product out of cloth. Cloth nappies are easy to wash which is helpful for parents who can’t afford time or machines to wash them at home. Junior Tribe Co’s team is working on new ways to make cloth nappies less expensive so more people can use them.

They come in different sizes and shapes for different needs, from birth to potty training. They have instructions on their website about how to put them on the baby, what kind of detergent to use with them, and how often you need to change their nappy.

The Junior Tribe Co cloth nappies are reusable, and with that, they are cheaper than disposable nappies. You can wash them in your washing machine at 30 degrees, and if you want to use a cleaner on them then you can use an eco-friendly washing liquid.

They have recently released a new range of soft classic cloth nappies with a couple of different styles for parents to choose from. The new range includes two standard sizes (small and large), pink or blue stripe fabric, and a contoured shape to help keep the baby’s legs in place. The Junior Tribe Co team is happy to provide advice on which style would be best for your baby, so get in touch!

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