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Baby Shower Etiquette and Social Norms

30+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas via Baby Cures @wrhull and @HullabalooFamWhen your good friend shares the thrilling info that she’s having a baby, there are most likely a lot of hugs, some (welcomed) belly rubs and possibly even a couple of joyful tears to go around. After which you need to find a baby gift – one which is amazing, thoughtful, distinctive and useful for your good friend and baby. This idea and news of a future baby shower and what gift to get your friend seems daunting from the get go? Before you sound the alarm, we’re right here to assist you in making the baby gift buying process as simple as making a purchase online for yourself. We’re here to help you with baby shower gift ideas to make the baby shower event and your baby shower gift unforgettable.

When you decide to take the straightforward route, you might possibly just choose something that looks interesting or suits your price range from the couple’s baby registry and be done with this task. Take a look at the baby shower invitation for all the details you’ll need to do this. Most invitations will include every little thing you need to know in regards to the baby shower, like if there’s a theme, what the baby’s gender is (if dad and mom know) and where to find the baby registry. It could additionally let you know if there’s a wishing well, which is a fun addition to some baby showers. If that’s the case, you’ll need to carry a small trinket or two (think baby socks or diaper cream) to toss into it. Generally, the wishing well has its own theme, like “baby’s library,” so you might bring a brand new baby children’s book with you along with your main baby shower present for mom.

However, if you wish to stray from the baby registry and search for something distinctive and special to rejoice and celebrate both mom and mom’s baby, that’s perfectly fine as well. With regards to baby shower etiquette, there’s no rule that says you should follow the baby gift list on the registry. As you determine what to get, you’ll need to take into consideration your friend and her companion and what they’d appreciate as new parents. Are they eco-conscious or design-savvy? Think of their style. Are they sentimental or funny? Do they love sports, movies or the outdoors? Do they love to travel? Sci-fi? Literature? Nerd culture, like video games, Dr. Who or even Star Wars or Star Trek? All this stuff will help guide you down the best path as you come up with spot-on and meaningful baby gift ideas. One other thing to do is take a look at their baby registry to see what baby products they’ve already registered for to get an idea of the colors and kinds they like, and use that as a starting point for what to purchase (or DIY if you happen to be artistic!).

When you’ve considered all this stuff, it’s time to lock down the present. To get you started, we did the work and narrowed down our list to hand-selct some of the best baby shower gifts out there from the perspective of experienced parents. Don’t be shocked when you find just the perfect and right baby gift off our list and add it to your shopping cart for immediate checkout! All transactions are processed through Amazon.com, so please note when you get to the “checkout” page it will redirect you to Amazon.com and your shopping cart will already be filled with the items you selected here at Baby Cures. As an Amazon Affliate, we make pennies off of each sale that goes to support our happy little blog where we can share the good news of baby shower gift ideas, parenting exeriences, great ideas for baby gifts and much, much more.

Whether or not this is the first baby shower you’ve been invited to or the 15th, you’ll, by no means, go wrong with one of these great baby shower gift ideas. From “Welcome Home Baby” clothing sets to soothing toys that will help baby get some rest (and provide parents with a break!), there are lots of things to choose from to help celebrate and rejoice in a newborn arrival.

HoMedics myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

The HoMedics MyBaby SoundSpa provides the best environment for baby to sleep soundly. Choose from soothing sounds, including Heartbeat, White Noise, Ocean, Summer Night, Thunderstorm, and Brook, and adjust the volume to the perfect level. The auto-off timer includes 15, 30, and 60-minute options to turn the SoundSpa off. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for travel – great for babies and new moms on the go!

I have personally had these for years with my 3 kids and I have to tell you that they are a lifesaver when it comes to helping my kids get to sleep. My oldest used hers until she was 7 years-old.

Enjoy the night light that the discs option, when turned on, provides.

Finally, the steel cover over the speaker is really helpful as it prevents any tantrums from allowing the speaker to be broken by a tired toddler becuase of the durable constuction and materials used to make the SoundSpa

Sophie la Girafe Teether and E book Set

Even when you’re not a mom or dad, you’re most likely already acquainted with Sophie–this bestselling teether is dangling out of the mouths of babies and toddlers everywhere I turn. The squeaky rubber giraffe will keep a baby busy for hours of drooly enjoyment, whereas mom and dad can take part on the enjoyable and bond over the story of Sophie and her buddies.

Each of my 3 kids have had “Sophie” since they were little as well. They absolutely adore this great teether. It is soft to the touch, like a dog toy and helps ease the transition of teething for any child. My kids still squeak them from time-to-time whenever they find it amongst their toys.

Jefferies Baby Socks

Baby booties are a very important part of a baby’s first set of clothes and necessities. In fact, baby booties are often a part of a layette or the first outfit worn by a baby. These crocheted baby booties are the perfect baby shower gift idea.

Baby’s First Outfit (Layette) Or A Newborn Outfit

Consider buying a cute newborn outfit as a baby shower gift idea. You may find that your outfit might be their first outfit worn home from the hospital as a part of a layette or used in the first months of baby’s life (when the most pictures happen by far). Mom will appreciate having another cute outfit to put their baby in during those first precious weeks of life.

Gift Cards for Mom and Dad

Help mom and dad settle in and let them get what they need when they need it at a time of their choosing with the baby shower gift of a gift card. We have hundreds of gift cards to choose from here at Baby Cures, from Red Robin, Outback Steakhouse, Baby Gap to Chipotle, Cold Stone Creamery, and beyond. We even have really cute card holders too, perfect for wrapping up your gift for mom and dad at the baby shower.

Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Accessories

No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, but it is estimated to be about 250-500 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone.– RealDiapers.org

Cloth diapers are more than a modern, “granola” mommy trend, they are a way to help do your part to save the environment by saving on the sheer number of diapers that end up in landfills. Not only can it save on landfill but it can also end up saving you money. Disposable diapers have an estimated cost of “$1,500 over the full time a child is in diapers… Buying cloth diapers for one child can cost as little as $300. Dividing those costs by two children then adding energy and detergent costs to wash diapers at home, the total cost of cloth diapering one child is about $450 over two years, which averages $18.75 per month or $225 per year.” according to RealDiapers.org. Additionally, you’ll save on sales tax paying for those diapers as well.

When it comes to using cloth diapers, there are other things to consider, cloth diaper inserts, a sprayer that can connect to a toilet, a special detergent, etc. But overall, the cost savings still outweigh the costs of using disposable diapers.

What about the gift packages left by babies in their cloth diapers, you say? From personal experience, I have found that if you hold the edge of the diaper and splash/dunk it into a toilet, those gifts release where they can be flushed away without having to touch said care package. That being said, you can also hook up a sprayer like this one, the Kleppo Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit or others to choose from in our cloth diaper section of our site.

BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner

The BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner is a one size fits all mesh liner for portable cradles and baby cribs. This item will help ensure your child is safely secured in their baby crib. It helps reduce the dangers of suffocation, re-breathing carbon dioxide as well as keep delicate baby limbs from getting caught between the baby crib bars.

BreathableBaby Mesh Crib Liner

Aveeno Baby, Baby and Mommy Gift Set

Available as the Good-Night Kisses Gift Set or as the Healthy Essentials All Better Baby Gift Set, this Aveeno Baby, Baby and Mommy Gift Set is sure to help mommy with with baby’s bedtime routine. Products come conveniently arranged in a reusable caddy. The products in this gift set help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer because it helps them to relax and soothes baby before bedtime.

Aveeno Baby, Baby and Mommy Gift Set

Baby Aspen Gift Set with Keepsake Basket Five Little Monkeys, Brown

Share cherished memories of your childhood with mommy and her newborn! Give her baby the enjoyment of a timeless nursery rhyme with the “Five Little Monkeys” Gift Set, delightfully full of a number of adorable baby-sized toys! This charming gift includes: A precious, bright-yellow, sweet-faced banana rattle. A luxurious brown-and-tan monkey. A satin-trimmed, cream-colored “lovie” blanket with a monkey-face applique and a part of the rhyme embroidered at the satin trim. A door hanger, adorned with an extended-tailed monkey hugging a pillow to let company know that “baby’s sleeping”. A natural-wood, keepsake basket lined with textured, white fabric featuring a part of the rhyme and a smiling monkey on the front.

Baby Aspen Gift Set with Keepsake Basket Five Little Monkeys, Brown

Baby Aspen Lobster Laughs Lobster Hooded Towel

Bring the magic of the sea to mommy and baby with this crustacean lobster hooded towel for after-bathtub bathtime coziness in this terrycloth red towel. The lobster hood embraces a wet, wiggly, slippery little one to keep them warm as they are drying off after bathtime. Machine washable.

Aquaphor Welcome Baby Gift Set

Get mommy all of the skin care essentials she needs for her new baby. The Aquaphor Welcome Baby Gift Set includes the everything you want to use for a baby’s skin care regimen: Aquaphor’s iconic Healing Ointment, a gentle Wash & Shampoo in addition to their 3-in-1 Diaper Rash Cream. Comes in conveniently reusable canvas basket. All products are hypoallergenic, and free of fragrances, parabens and dyes.

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman

If you’re on a budget and want to get something that lasts, think about getting a couple children’s books like Go, Dog. Go! as a baby shower gift idea. This has to be my most favorite book to read to my kids and I get almost as excited to read it as they do. I like to ask questions while reading the book. “What color is that tree?” “How many dogs are down in the water?” “Where are those dogs going so fast?” My kids love jumping quickly to answer and each time I change up the pace of reading it. It is too much fun to read only once to my kids. We often read it more than once per week.

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Not to be forgotten is Dr. Seuss. We have an entire collection of Dr. Seuss books to choose from here at Baby Cures as a baby shower gift idea that you can’t pass up. No children’s book collection is complete without a couple Dr. Seuss books sprinkled in. The rhymes and rhythm really bring a lot of joy to my kids as I speed up and slow down the rhymes or even get tripped up when I read books like Fox in Sox. These books help my children develop a healthy and robust volcabulary as well as attention to rhyme and detail while reading these books to my kids. Also, as a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, Dr. Seuss is a fraternity brother of mine, so I most undoubtedly need support his works every chance I get. Pick up a Dr. Seuss book and you can’t go wrong with your baby shower gift for mom.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Caldecott Award Winning Children’s Books

Browse “More, More, More”, The Ugly Duckling, Olivia, Madeline, Ox-Cart Man and more. At Baby Cures, we have many of the Caldecott award winning children’s books that you grew up with to stimulate the imagination and brain development, not to mention the to help mom and dad develop a bond with their children. Pick up a copy of some of these fantastic award-winning children’s books today as a part of your baby shower gift for mom.

Caldecott Award Winning Children’s Books

Music for Baby

Here, at Baby Cures, we have a plethora of music to soothe and calm baby and you might find our collection of music for babies surprising. We have lullaby renditions of Metallica, Nirvana, Sublime, AC/DC, Beyoncé, Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Def Leppard, Ed Sheeran, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Elton John, Journey, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Star Wars, and many more. But wait, there’s more. We also carry many Disney favorites and many children’s movie soundtracks to play for baby.

Early Development Baby Toys

Early development baby toys are an essential part of a baby’s development. We carry brands like Fisher Price and Lamaze for you to choose the best toys to stimulate vision to see colors and recognize shapes, develop tactile senses with toys of different textures, sounds and more. Help mommy’s baby make sense of the world with a great early development baby toy.

Early Development Baby Toys

Electronic Baby Toys

An electronic baby toy might require batteries, but the interactivity it can bring a child can ultimately help stimulate their senses in ways that can yield dramatic dividends. From touch and sound to puzzels that spark baby’s imagination to solve them, an electronic baby toy can help keep mom’s baby entertained for hours. Consider an electronic baby toy as a baby shower gift idea.

From VTech to LeapFrog brands to Fisher-Price, we have all of the best baby toy electronics to choose from here at Baby Cures. We want to provide you with a wide assortment for baby shower gift ideas for mom and baby’s early development, brain development and hand-eye coordination when it comes to baby toys with electronics. Take a look around and you may find something that might catch your eye.

Electronic Baby Toys

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

When considering a baby shower gift, you might want to consider a gift that mom and dad can use later on in a baby’s development. Here you might want to consider a toy that can help baby learn to walk and provide help in balance and coordination during that time in their life when baby is learning to walk. The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a perfect baby shower gift idea to provide “one less thing” for mom to buy when it comes time to transition to walking.

Mom will be sure to appreciate the senitment that you are thinking ahead for baby’s needs down the road.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Baby Growth Chart for Baby’s Nursery

There’s one sure thing about kids… they tend to grow. I have an almost 9 year-old (within two weeks from the posting of this article) and I often wonder where the time went. I regret not doing something like this with my kids because I could look back at their growth and at what ages. If you know mom or dad is nostalgic, this makes for the only baby shower gift idea you need to act on. Buying a growth chart for mom and dad will surely be a gift that lasts for years and years as their little one(s) (who knows there could be multiples like twins, triplets or more) continue to grow and develop year-to-year.

BayB Brand Baby Bean Bag

The BayB Brand Bean Bag is great for newborns and developing toddlers. BayB bean bag chairs lend help prevent the development of a flat head and relieves acid reflux and gas. It is portable for overnight trips, has a seatbelt to keep baby from rolling off of the bean bag and face up (but you should still keep watch to make sure no rolling does occur). This bean bag can help baby rest while mom has a minute or two to herself. The BayB Brand Bean Bag is very sturdy and won’t topple over at the slight movement of baby.

Baby Activity Gyms and Playmats

Keeping baby entertained can sometimes be a challenge when mom needs to do things like rest for a moment, have a cup of coffee from long nights, etc. A baby gym or playmat or even an “exersaucer” makes for the perfect gift for mom to have a moment to herself while baby is engaged with sounds, colors, lights and objects in front of him/her.

Baby Activity Gyms and Playmats

Baby Bottles, Teethers, Pacifiers, Nursing Covers, High Chairs And Other Feeding Gear

Nothing is more important to a baby than the nutrition it is getting to stimulate growth, brain development and more. This is the foundation for the life of mom’s baby. When it comes to baby bottles, brushes, pacifiers, nursing covers, high chairs & feeding gear, we have you covered in baby shower gift ideas for picking up the necessities for mom and baby to help mom and dad do the very important job of being their mother and father.

Baby Bottles

Baby Heath Items

From fingernail clippers, diaper rash cream, baby’s first toothbrush, water thermometers for a bath tub, baby thermometers, to a first aid kit or baby shampoo, a new mom and dad can never have enough of these baby health items and they make for great baby shower gift ideas. Sure, they might be the sort of items your mind first thinks about when it comes to baby shower gift ideas, but helping mom where she needs those every day items will be sure to make for a memorable gift. A gift that shows you cared to think of the details and help mom and dad with the items that not many other people would think about themseleves.

ERGObaby Performance Collection Baby Carrier

The ERGObaby Baby Carrier is a go-to item for carrying baby in an upright position. The ERGObaby baby carrier is a must-have. As an owner of this item, I can attest to its quality, durability and performance when it comes to carrying baby. The material is that of a backpack material on the outside with a soft lining for baby on the inside. Also, the ERGObaby baby carrier can be worn on the front or back with ease. There is a hood attachment to protect baby’s delicate skin from harmful sun rays as well as weather, should you encounter some while carrying your baby. This is item is definitely a smart buy for mom as a baby shower gift idea.

Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap baby carrier uses the entire back and shoulders to the distribute weight with a wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders. The Moby Wrap keeps baby warm while freeing both hands. It can hold a baby up to 35 pounds.

My wife and I owned this item and I must say, it is so incredibly versatile that you can’t go wrong with this item as a baby shower gift idea. Mom, or dad, can carry baby in the front, on the back, carry baby in a laying down position, or sitting up position. The variations are too numerous to count. I highly recommend one to anyone who is expecting and as a person searching for baby shower gift ideas, this is another great item to pick up for mom and she will thank you for it.

Moby Wrap

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom

Baby Bargains Book

Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on baby furniture, gear, clothes, strollers, maternity wear and much, much more! This book is sure to help mom save money all the way around and it was featured on Oprah.

Baby Bargains Book

Boost Your Breast Milk Book

Just about every new mom is concerned about breastfeeding their child or pumping enough breast milk for their baby. Boost Your Breast Milk: An All-in-One Guide for Nursing Mothers to Build a Healthy Milk Supply is a great baby shower gift idea because it is the perfect time to gift such a gift to a new mother.

This book contains:

  • Clear, calm advice on breastfeeding – preparing to nurse, latching techniques, when to feed, and more
  • How to spot and manage the causes of low supply and milk slumps – from mastitis to baby’s natural growth spurts
  • What to eat while nursing – from superfoods like avocados to naturally lactogenic (milk-boosting) foods like oats and papaya
  • On top of all of that, 75 recipes packed with goodness that the entire family can enjoy!

Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby’s First Year

Written by award-winning pediatrician Dr. Scott W. Cohen, this book explores his first year as a father, this book is the only one to combine two invaluable “on the job””” perspectives—the doctor’s and the new parent’s. This book is a refreshingly informative and engaging guide that includes all a parent could ever want to know at every age and stage of their child’s first year.

Eat, Sleep, Poop

The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD Bundle

Early on into my experience with our first baby, my wife and I watch The Happiest Baby on the Block and I cannot tell you how much of a lifesaver the instruction from Dr. Karp and his amazing 5 S’s in this DVD was for my wife and I. As a result, we found our baby much more calm, more easy to soothe when she was crying and overall, a much more happy baby. She just might have been the happiest baby on the block. We truly apprecied the advice we found from this DVD and we preach the gospel when it comes to soothing a crying baby to whomever we run into that is expecting their first baby or is having trouble soothing their baby. This makes for an invaluable baby shower gift idea that you absolutely cannot pass up.

The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD Bundle

Baby Shower Gift Idea: Gift Baskets

Sure, mom needs gear, clothing, shoes, and toys for her new baby, but the baby shower shouldn’t only be all about the baby. Mom also needs some special appreciation and admiration. She’s carrying a baby to term. That, in itself is nothing short of a miracle. Life is precious and why not celebrate mom by giving her a gift basket and reminding her that the baby shower is about her too. Showering mom with gifts during a baby shower can also be about gifts for mom too. Take a look at our wide assortmet of gifts baskets that are sure to please both mom and dad as a baby shower gift idea.

Although this list isn’t every possible thing you can snag for a baby shower gift, such as car seats, strollers, cribs, nursery chairs or nursery gliders, etc., it will certainly give you a place to start thinking about great baby shower gift ideas. Other great places you may want to take a look are Everyday Family (Win Free Disposable Diapers for a Year), EtsyPinterest and many more locations around the internet with a quick internet search. If you found your way to Baby Cures as a result of a search or a link a friend of yours posted on Pinterest or Facebook, thanks for stopping by. We hope, in some small way, that we have helped you search for something distinctive and special to celebrate and rejoice both mom and baby by providing some great baby shower gift ideas to make mom’s baby shower an unforgettable event.

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Looking For More Baby Shower Gift Ideas Or Ideas Related To Hosting A Baby Shower?

Check out our list of necessities for babies to get more ideas of what to bring as your baby shower gift or check out ways to host a fundraising baby shower for that mom-to-be who already has everything she wants and/or needs to learn ways to give back to charity instead of giving gifts at her baby shower.

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