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5 Incredible Baby Shower Ideas That Are Worth Trying

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Suzanne Winchester is an independent healthcare industry analyst & speaker and entrepreneur who brings us this guest post submission. She writes on the topic of 5 incredible baby shower ideas that are worth trying. Suzanne covers picking the date, the menu, game ideas and more. Thanks for the great guest post, Suzanne.

5 Incredible Baby Shower Ideas That Are Worth Trying

A lovely baby shower celebration marks the arrival of a new family member. It becomes more special for moms-to-be since they have been thinking all the time about their soon-to-be-born baby. It is also the time when friends and family surround a pregnant lady to help her stock up in all the things that she will need after giving birth.

Is the couple that you are friends with expecting their first baby? It’s the right time to share the happiness of soon-to-be parents and make them feel special. Help them lay the red carpet out for the arriving baby and make mom-to-be the guest of honor. Whether it’s a pre or post-birth shower, rise to the occasion and pull off a fabulous party for that special someone who is expecting in your life.

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Here are some awesome tips to make the baby shower a hilarious event:

Set the date

First off, you need to get all the close friends and family members on board and work out a convenient date for the celebration(s) by asking around on what might work. Since a baby shower is all about being part of a happy celebration and you need to invite as many close friends as possible. The more the merrier. After deciding on the date, invitations should be sent, at a minimum, at least two weeks in advance while the parents-to-be can help finalize the guest list. As far as invitees are concerned, traditionalists prefer a women-only function, while modernists believe that fathers should also become part of the event.

Pick a theme

A unique and enjoyable theme will make your celebrations more exciting and fun. Even you could have noticed that in usual parties, a theme surprises everyone. So get ready to surprise your guests with inventiveness and thoughtful touches that can be meaningful to the mom-to-be. You can celebrate the motherhood of a woman in a way by choosing a color theme in the decorations and invitations.

So which theme should you choose? To start with, a daisy flower themed baby shower could be nice option for you as the daisy is easy to replicate in décor and favors. A French countryside baby shower will be no less than mesmerizing for your guests to enjoy. Next option you can explore is to apply a rainbow theme which will be a delight for everyone to see. Just like a rainbow showers its beauty across the sky, you can use garlands of similar colors hanging from above. If there are kids in the party, you can choose themes that will engage them such as a superhero theme, cartoon characters theme, etc.

Use budget-friendly props to decorate the venue

There are many budget-friendly items that you can use for making the party venue look awesome. Balloons, for example, are the ideal and most attractive show pieces in any celebration. They are inexpensive and you can use as many colorful balloons as possible. If you are organizing the party inside a home or building, you can use lanterns to decorate the rooms by placing them at corners. Wall hangings of various colors will give an elegant and sophisticated look to walls. In addition to these, there are many budget-friendly blooms that are found in shades of pink like rose, lisianthus, carnations and ranunculus, etc.

Choose a delectable menu

Select a menu that makes each one of your guests talk about it for weeks. Without delicious foods and drinks, a party will be reduced to just a gathering, which everyone will easily leave early. So include the dishes your guests will love to eat and talk about while at the party and beyond. Rich foods and beverages set a right tone for increased delicacies. Furthermore, you can choose foods that are easy to prepare and can be eaten at any event. Cheese and vegetable tarts, grilled-chicken salads, homemade pizzas, fruit or green salads. Use your imagination and creativity to prepare cocktails, mocktails (which any mom-to-be would appreciate) and special drinks for the party. You can wrap water bottles with baby shower labels that add more excitement to the baby shower celebrations.

Let’s play games

How are going to entertain your guests? Well, include some games and activities that everyone enjoys fully. If you get a little tricky and creative, you will likely to end up with better engagement and fun.

The following ideas will help you find a suitable game to play at the baby shower:

  • Draw a baby: Ask your guests to draw sketches of baby by putting paper on their foreheads. The best drawing will win.
  • Guess the baby: Ask your guests to bring their own photographs when they were babies themselves. Put all of them on a wall and invite all your guests to guess which photo is whose.
  • Feed the daddy: Blindfold the ladies and have them feed their partners baby food.

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Final Thoughts

These 5 incredible baby shower ideas that are worth trying will help you make your baby shower even entertaining as well memorable. So, share the joy and the arrival of the new family member in the the most happy way possible.

Do you have some other ideas that can help make a baby shower the most memorable experience for mom-to-be? Share with us on our list of 5 incredible baby shower ideas that are worth trying below in the comments section.

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Suzanne is an independent healthcare industry analyst & speaker and entrepreneur. She has two children. She has successfully completed many healthcare events and in-demand as a speaker, regular contributor.

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