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5 Tips For Throwing A Great Baby Shower

by Baby Cures
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Do you beam with pride and joy when you are asked to or consider hosting a baby shower for a friend or relative who is expecting but then cringe at the idea of all the party planning particulars which might be involved? Not everyone feels like they’re a natural hostess when it comes to throwing a fantastic baby shower; nonetheless, should you put these 5 basic tips for throwing a great baby shower together, you won’t fail and mom-to-be will make sure you recognize all of your efforts!

Naturally, as with all things party planning, there isn’t a readily prescribed approach to throwing a baby shower or a ready-made playbook of tips for throwing a great baby shower. However, with that in mind, if you account for the key tips below, you’ll undoubtedly throw a fantastic baby shower.

5 Tips For Throwing a Fantastic Baby Shower

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  1. Location – First in our tips for throwing a great baby shower list is location. As much as choosing the right venue might seem daunting, this is not something to break a sweat over. Ask yourself what resources you may already have at your disposal. Do you belong to a local church? Are you a member of any organizations which might have banquet rooms available to rent out or book? Or, just think about hosting the celebration at your home or even the mom-to-be’s home. Keep the distance to the event within reason in the possible scenario that you’re not hosting the baby shower in your residence or the mom-to-be’s house so that the expectant mom does not need to travel very far to attend the event. Don’t be afraid to ask the expectant mom how she would feel about having the baby shower at her house (if it is not a surprise baby shower, of course).

2. Decorations – Next in our tips for throwing a great baby shower list is decorations. Most every sort of celebration includes decorations, whether general and colorful or tailor-made in the direction of a particular theme. If the parents-to-be have chosen not to find out the gender of the baby then your shower decorations will most certainly use various pastels without sticking to mainly pink or blue as with known gender baby showers. Many stores and websites sell baby shower decorations so you may never be at a loss as to tips on how to transform your location right into a decorated baby heaven; nonetheless, every good baby shower deserves an amazing centerpiece for the main food or table for gifts and a baby diaper cake will make an incredible conversation piece and can function as a gift for the expectant mother when the shower is over. Single Layer Diaper Cakes, Source: Recipes to my Daughter Blog

3. Food – Ah, the food. Again, this isn’t something to worry about. If you’re hosting the shower, I can assume that you already know the expectant mother well enough to know what a few of her likes and dislikes are with regards to food. You may go as simple as finger foods or as lavish as a cooked meal. Take into account what would work best with the length of time you intend on having the shower. And naturally, remember the baby shower cake! Whether you make a cake yourself or order one by means of a neighborhood bakery, every baby shower would not be complete without a cake for all guests to indulge in and enjoy. In our list of tips for throwing a great baby shower this is surely one item you want to make sure you have covered.

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4. Games – Any baby shower includes fun and silly games for the guests to enjoy and it’s a long standing tradition. There is a plethora of baby shower game ideas out there to find and choose from and a few might fit your theme in the event that your baby shower is centered around a central theme. Keep the number of games limited for time’s sake and encourage everybody to take part, even the expectant mother. By the time you’re finished enjoying games, everybody will probably be in such an amazing mood, that the final part will help with winding down the baby shower before everyone leaves the festive and fun celebration.

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5. Gifts – Always an important part and fundamental purpose people throw a baby shower is to present the expectant mother gifts for the newborn and even to celebrate her journey through pregnancy to becoming a mom. Searching for a creative and unique baby gift to present at a baby shower will be nerve-racking for some individuals. Depending on what number of baby showers you have attended before, you might have seen many people give plenty of similar items and you wish to get slightly more creative. Most moms-to-be may have created a baby registry at an area retailer or two so you’ll be able to always take a look at her wish list and attempt to put a unique spin on a number of the things she is going to need or want to have for the baby. An effective way to do this is with a new baby gift basket that showcases practical and fun objects that mother and baby can use together. I guarantee you that this sort of newborn present will likely be a hit at a baby shower.Discover 30+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Now that you already know what you’ll want to consider, I hope you enjoy the planning process for hosting a baby shower and even more important, the baby shower when it takes place. Best of luck and keep in mind, so long as you combine the tips for throwing a great baby shower from the list above, regardless of the price, time, or effort involved in planning a baby shower, the reward is seeing how completely satisfied your expectant relative or good friend can be knowing how much you care for her and her baby on the way!

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What About You?

Do you have any tips for throwing a great baby shower to help someone planning their own baby shower for a friend or family member? What is something you think not included above that is an absolute “must” on your list? What are some pitfalls to avoid when planning a baby shower? We’d like to know. What was your experience planning a baby shower if you have ever planned one? Please leave us a comment below and share your experience with us.

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