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Preparing For Baby’s First Birthday Celebration

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The Time Has Come For Baby’s First Birthday

Life… it’s unpredictable. One second you’re a new mom holding the absolute most precious treasure in your arms and the following you recognize they’re standing on their own two feet showing off their toothless smile. You then marvel at where the past 12 months has gone. Your baby’s first birthday is an exceptional event because it represents the significance of celebrating their first milestone in their lives. Preparations for this large event should be made with great care in an effort to make this occasion an great success amongst your guests.

Preparing for Baby’s First Birthday Celebration

Baby’s First Birthday Celebration

Planning and organizing of the celebration needs to be carried out properly in advance. A guest list must be ready and the first birthday photo invitations should be mailed to your guests well in advance of the party. In the event you plan on creating a first birthday photo invitation that you need to choose a favorite picture of your baby taken in the course of the past 12 months and place it at the heart of the invitation mailing.

You may even make use of a background theme and create a distinctive and humorous 1st birthday photo invite. Plenty of themes can be found from numerous websites. You can also make use of different patterns and designs or use the images of stuffed animals for the first birthday photo invitation. The wordings can be in the form of fashionable phrases and sayings or simple phrases inviting the guests to the celebration.

Considering whether or not to go in for themed parties? Well themed events make the tasks of the parents a lot less complicated. Since your baby doesn’t have a favorite cartoon character, film or TV personality, you may want to use something like Sesame Street, stuffed penguins or teddy bear themes that can very easily coordinate your baby’s first birthday. You may even use the help of your family and friends that can assist you in organizing the theme you end up choosing.

What About Baby’s First Birthday Decorations?

When it comes to the decorations, streamers and posters can be a good choice for the party. You can even make use of balloons of different colors and have them place way out of the reach of each younger and older kids. Along with this, you can make use of cut outs of well-known cartoon characters like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Doc McStufffins, Scooby Doo, The Peanuts Gang, like Charlie Brown and Snoopy, The Backyardigans, Bubble Guppies, Mickey, Minnie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and more and use them to decorate the chairs, walls, floors, counters, and entrances of the party location.

Baby’s First Birthday – Birthday Cake Made Easy

The birthday cake could be in the form of well-known cartoon characters or you can bake an easy cake in the form of the number “1” or even bake cupcakes for your baby and each child and parent. Food and beverages for the adults can include homemade meals or pizzas. Wines and fruit juices can be lined up on the food table so that the adults can help themselves whenever they want something to eat or drink or to help the kiddos get something to eat or drink as well.

Baby’s First Birthday Games

Older children love to play interesting and exciting games at parties. This could easily be organized by having light music and nursery rhymes playing in the background so that the children can sing and dance. Make certain your one year-old is present at these games so that they can also clap or jump around on their high chairs or strollers or get in on the action themselves. Different fun games that can be included might be Duck, Duck, Goose, Musical Chairs, Simon Says and plenty of others.

Don’t Forget The Party Favors and Goodie Bags

Lastly, the party favors and goodie bags. The baby’s first birthday celebration favors can include all sorts of goodies for the children equivalent to candies, cookies, toys, dolls and so on. you may also gift away cute photos of your baby so that the guests can remember this special occasion in the coming years. At the end attach a thank you note to the party favors and goodie bags.

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