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Should The Father Be At The Baby Shower?

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The Big Question: Should The Father Be At The Baby Shower?

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Historically, baby showers are women-only occasions because it was a celebration of womanhood. The question sometimes asked of the occasion is should the father be at the baby shower? The answer to that question is, yes. We recommend that you do invite the father-to-be to the baby shower. The trend these days is to invite the husband and father-to-be to the baby shower. Actually, sometimes there is a separate baby shower for the husband and it can not feel less manly! These new trends are smart and logical considering that it takes two people to make a baby, if we allow for natural processes to be considered.

Father’s Role In A Baby Shower

Once we have answered the question, should the father be at the baby shower and when the daddy is invited to the baby shower, he’ll often turn out to be co-honoree with the mommy. As such, you’ll be able to tell anecdotal stories about the progression of the pregnancy about your spouse, take part in the baby shower games, and open the presents together. In general, you lend support and loving care to your wife, especially as baby showers are held throughout the third trimester. These months are often the times when she needs extra emotional, physical and social support.

You too can receive unique baby shower gift items meant for you and your coming baby. Friends can give you a gift card or something that you can use with the baby that is, well, manly or more masculine. Additionally, while you are attending the baby shower occasion, you may also give your presents to the expectant mom, which might thrill her no end, if the gifts are romantic and thoughtful.

What The Expectant Father Should Expect With Regard To The Types Of Gifts He Will Receive

There are a lot of great baby shower items available on the market now and not just for the mom-to-be when we get beyond the question of should the father be at the baby shower. With vast options to select from, you may expect to receive various gifts as the expectant father. Often, these items are coordinated together with your spouse’s presents.

Friends will normally take into consideration what they want to give to the mom and buy or make something similar for you; they might tweak it somewhat to go well with more manly/masculine tastes. This tip applies relatively to small items like grooming kits and gift cards or gift certificates. So, unless friends want an overcrowded nursery and home, your baby shower guests might refrain from providing you with two sets of cribs, strollers, car seats, baby mobiles, and/or high chairs.

Some other unique baby shower items for the father-to-be can include diaper kits that will help you learn to change diapers. Or, a survival kits for those inevitable emergencies while out enjoying open air and the outdoors. Because, let’s face it, if you are a parent already, who hasn’t experienced a blow-out with their baby. These emergency items are crucial. Or perhaps, a patently-male diaper bag so that you’ll not use mommy’s bag. Try to see the humor in these presents, particularly as these are given in good cheer and may truly be very helpful sooner or later.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The Expectant Father To Give To Mom

Being a father is weird

You can give unique baby shower items to your spouse during the baby shower itself. Or, you may do it privately.

Unique baby shower presents that your spouse will cherish may be quite simple and sweet, or they can be very expensive and fulfill her gift wish list. Either or, you will know best about what is going to make her truly happy on this special occasion knowing that we have answered the question should the father be at the baby shower correctly by inviting the expectant father to the baby shower.

You may give her a favorite e book or film, a set of jewelry, spa and salon gift cards, the designer gown that she has always wanted, and other considerate and thoughtful gifts and gestures. The essential thing is that you simply remembered her heart’s wants and desires. Remember fellas, she is providing you with one of the greatest gifts of all, a child, let’s celebrate that with something she may have always wanted or something you think will make her smile and remember what a loving husband you are during this time in her life.

Further, you may want to start thinking about a “push” gift for your mom-to-be. A push gift is one given during labor and delivery. This can be something similar to what we suggest above or something more. Some times it is jewelry, sometimes a memento of your love for your wife, but it is something that she can look back on during those hard hours of delivery with your little one. Life is about to change in a major way; in a good way. Celebrate it, every chance you get.

As an expectant father, you’re a part of the celebration a baby and new life since you are half of the miracle growing inside her. It’s logical that both of you can celebrate your parenthood together in the company of friends, family and sometimes work colleagues. You can even strengthen emotional bonds with your spouse while you go with her to her baby shower.

Are you struggling with the question, should the father be at the baby shower? We hope this article helps clear up any hesitation where the expectant father can also be invited and included as a participant in the baby shower.

Are you a father and attended the baby shower with your wife? What was your experience? We love to hear about it. Did you feel out of place? Did you feel like a guest or were you made to feel welcome and a part of the attention during the baby showered on your wife? How did it go? Please share your thoughts with us here at Baby Cures.

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